2-26-19 by dave

Visibility was variable, with good long distance detail, but the surface details on the slope were very difficult to discern. Mineral Basin was offering some very nice Groomers that let you work the blank page with confidence as the carpets were smooth and trustworthy. On the front of the hill, Anderson’s hill and Lower Primrose Path were offering ground pounding fun with the trees reflecting a bit more light on the situation. The Sun came out in the afternoon, which eliminated the visibility issues, and offered great detail to the surface features. Here is a shot of Baldy Bowl looking imposing in the afternoon Sun.

Temps. Were significantly warmer today, but that stout breeze made the chill factor a bit brisk. Off trail was a bit variable, with the substrate offering a bit of crunch in places. Other lines had been smoothed by the wind and were offering some long threads of wind slab here and there. It payed to look around a bit for the threads. Here is Race Team “J”, who are regular readers of the site and have spent the past month working the lines on the hill. It is great to see the folks who dial in the stoke and keep it pegged!!

Tomorrow, look for continued unsettled weather, with some flurries, visibility issues, low traffic, and fresh Groomers to keep you dialed into your inner Ligety!! Check the grooming report for any new and exciting lines, and look and see if Lone Star got the nod. That line has been really rockin’ when they put the buff to it. A big tip of the hat to the Grooming Crew for making such sumptuous carpets. Dress for variability and look for more of the wind slab to be worth a try. Don’t Forget To SIZZLE!!!

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