2-20-19 by dave

The hill was covered with a couple of inches of Essence which left the dance floor perfect for Ballroom Dancing. Un tracked perfection made the Groomed runs over the top dream like, and the cold morning temps. kept the snow fresh and cold. The Morning Crew worked the Lewis and Clark area, getting all the flow and warp of such transcendent lines. This may all sound a bit over the top, but it was all that. Here is a shot of the Shoulder looking pristine in the highly charged air.

All sides of the hill were offering great groomed lines, with that Primrose Path section finishing up that top to bottom in a full on carve fest. The off trail was offering still soft lines that helped cushion some of the crusty sections, but there were plenty of lines that had that soft substrate still keeping the quality very predictable. Here is shot of the Portal hanging out in Mineral Basin again. I was checking the settings on the TIME readout before stepping through.

Tomorrow, look for a storm riding day, with flurries, variable visibility, and cold temps. The Groomers will be offering smooth surfaces that you can trust in the variable light. There could be some light accumulation overnight, so there may be some fresh dust to make the ride just that much better. The hill is in great shape and looking fat. See you there for the high energy dance. IBBY!!

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