2-19-19 by dave

A Nevada Low has been holding strong over the Front, bringing continued flurries and accumulations that have been sweet, soft, and wide open. Traffic was much lighter this morning, and the Groomers were covered with ultra light Essence that seemed to get deeper as you got lower on the hill. It was hero turns once again, as the pack let you dial in any turn you desired with total forgiveness for any sloppiness in attention. All the areas of the hill opened up, and there were soft deep lines just about wherever you went. Even late in the day, deep pockets were available with a little looking. Here is an interesting shot out in the Exotic Trees.

Cold temps. kept the snow nicely refrigerated, and it resisted developing the Harbor Chop consistency. Tomorrow, look for some possible overnight accumulation, as impulses continue to flow out of the Northwest. Groomers will have been prepared on all sides of the hill and are offering excellent ground pounding fun top to bottom. Off trail will still be great, but interference patterns are building in the high traffic areas. All entrances are still holding up, but traffic has worked them a bit and they will need more wind to smooth out again. See you there for another great day of Sleeper Powder turns. See the Line, BE the Line!!

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