2-21-19 by dave

It was mighty nippy on the hill today, as a cold cloud, brisk wind, and low ambient temps. made frost nip something to take seriously. There were plenty of white noses coming in off the skier’s bridge, mine included. Visibility was variable, with fairly long range reference points keeping you in the zone, but the details of the surface features were just guess work. Fortunately, the Grooming Crew provide smooth carpets that you can take to the bank when you just don’t know what’s what and you have to trust The Force. The snow pack was soft and forgiving for the most part, with the off trail lines still offering a large selection of wide open fun. The high traffic lines are developing interference patterns, so look for the less traveled aspects to provide the smooth.

Tomorrow, look for another cold day, with wind, flurries, and a bit of overnight accumulation. All Groomed lines will be offering smooth, dry, chalky carpets, on all sides of the hill. Visibility will be an issue, so stick with the trees for the best reference features. Off trail will still be offering good soft lines, with only those high West facing aspects getting stripped off. Look for some wind transported lines to be available as well. We’ll just have to see how much wind we get overnight. Dress for storm riding, and keep exposed skin covered.

When it is as stormy as it was today, I love to check into The Summit and bask in the High Energy Field that exists there and watch the storm rage outside. Here, I have posted some of the interesting interior features of the facility. Keep it tight!!

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