2-22-19 by dave

Morning Sun was on tap as the Morning Crew hit Mineral Basin to take advantage of the smooth untracked machine worked lines that waited there and on all sides of the hill. 3 to 4″ of perfect Essence covered the dance floor, which made all aspects soft and inviting. I worked the far reaches on a Lewis and Clark exploration and found amazing lines top to bottom. Here is a shot from that sojourn.

Cold temps. kept the new product nicely refrigerated, and the filled in lines stayed good to go all day. New and exciting Machine Worked lines were offered up, with the center piece being the Big Smooth. Peruvian Gulch top to bottom with a perfectly prepared carpet, custom made for exploring your inner Ligety!! Here is a shot of Timp. looking mystical in the distance. That is one large Mountain!!

Tomorrow, look for another beautiful cool day, with amazing Groomers on all sides of the hill. The off trail is still offering widespread excellence, with many lines filled in by the light wind that had been blowing. Look for those pockets of wind filled goodness. I will be taking the day off, so get all those rockin’ turns for me. Stay Frosty!!

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