2-23-19 by dave

The prevailing Low Pressure trough brought more cold to the hill today before we begin to warm up for the week. There was morning Sun for the early risers, with wide open Groomers offering ground pounding fun on all sides of the hill. Here is a shot of Brian Beck getting a jump start on his descent of The Chamonix Chutes. This spot needs a lot of snow to make it good to go, so Brian made the most of the opportunity.

A high cloud deck moved in later in the day, making the light go flat, but there seemed to be enough rays filtering through to keep the details sharp. Here is a shot of the Angel Light that was happening in Mineral Basin last week. It is such a rare sight, I spent some time and got some shots that give it some context.

Tomorrow, look for another great day of ground pounding fun on all sides of the hill. There are flurries in the forecast, so dress for cold as the wind is sure to be up. Look for some transported snow lines that may offer some early treasures. The Groomers will be fun on all sides of the hill. Use the Chair option to bypass the Tram back up, as they pump The Faithful up the hill and offers a quick up on the day.

In closing, here is a shot of Team Los Amigos Jr. who were stoked to be getting here for the festivities. They make the trip every year and were stoked to find so much snow for the occasion. See you there for the morning shred fest!! See the Line, BE the Line!!

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