2-24-19 by dave

The morning was cool and clear, with the clouds moving off and wide open lines available for smooth driving top to bottom. Mineral Basin was offering the goods right out of the chute, with White Diamonds and Lower Silver Dipper smooth and a real treat to start out the shred fest. Temps. were still cool, but decidedly warmer than last week, which felt really good since I dressed a bit lighter. Here is a shot of a cornice formation that has some nice dynamics. I put it through a filter to get a more dramatic effect.

The off trail is still fairly soft, but the underlying substrate is in play and it helps to find the wind smoothed lines to improve the ride. Pressure for The Tram was stout, but The Chairs were very fast access and got you around the hill fast and direct. Here is a shot of the new bridge to The Cliff Lodge. This was the first time I have ever used it and it is a really nice addition.

There was great live music on The Plaza for the afternoon session, which made for a very festive atmosphere. Tomorrow, look for a light storm day, with flurries and wind. Check for wind smoothed lines, which will be worth the effort to get. The Groomers will be good to go on all sides of the hill, and will provide solid consistency in variable visibility. The hill is fat wall to wall and all the great shots are filled and very dialable. See you there for the low traffic, Monday morning shred fest. Straight Ahead!!

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