2-27-19 by dave

The Trailer was rockin’ all night long, as the wind pounded out ahead of a front that will begin a string of incoming weather for the rest of the week. The Tram was down for the morning session, but the chairs were offering walk on quick lifts up the hill. Though the wind was kicking the peak, the chairs were not that bad. The wind was transporting what loose snow there was lying around, and those wind blown lines from yesterday were offering smooth sliding. Off those wind blown lines the rumble was insistent, with the higher traffic lines presenting some abrupt interference patterns. Visibility was variable, with the surface details very difficult to discern. Here is a shot of Team Maglione of Miller Place, who were mounting up for their third day on the hill. They were stoked to be getting out on the hill and had a solid lay of the land memorized going into the variable visibility.

Tomorrow, look for additional accumulation, as it was dumping when I left and there were a couple of inches of freshness at the Star Cruiser. With these warmer temps. a bit more cushion can be expected, as there may be a bit higher density product that will help mitigate any static that was working today. Those larger interference patterns will take a bit to cover up, but if the projections hold up, they will be history soon. Stay Frosty!!

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