2-25-19 by dave

Extra fluff covered the dance floor this morning, with 4 to 5″ of Essence making for untracked lines all over the hill. Mineral Basin was offering some sunshine, that made all the details vivid. There was a bit of wind overnight, so extra deep sections were filled with a bit extra. There is now wide spread interference patterns on most of the hill, as traffic has been working the pack, but with a bit of looking, you will find some smooth lines that let you get through the variations. Here is a shot of one of the approaches to the goods.

Traffic seemed to wain as the day drew on, and it was walk on Trams for the afternoon session. The temps. were decidedly warmer, but it did not seem to affect the snow quality at all. All the groomers on the hill maintained the smooth feel all day and were feeling good when I left. Here is a shot of Boundary Bowl looking inviting.

Tomorrow, look for another great day on the hill, with a touch of overnight flurries to add a bit of dust on the mat. The Groomers will be offering the solid smooth feel even when the visibility is dodgy. Dress for some light weather, but I think temps. will be mild by comparison to last week’s cold. See you there for the morning search for the smooth lines. Don’t touch that dial!!

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