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The weather dude said it was going to dump starting early in the morning, and he was right on the money. It was dumping 2″ and hour easy, and the roads were unbelievably greasy. Though the Canyon was open, traffic was backed up to the Swamp lot and I found a good place to turn around to stop by Alpha Coffee for a cup of coffee and a master baked Gin Chao pastry to contemplate the options. With such heavy snowfall, the road closed and would remain so for the day. For those who were at The Bird and the very few who were able to get up, the day was an epic powder day that was country club vacant and as good as it gets. The hill closed around 1:30 PM as the stability issues became extreme, but those early hours are what dreams are made of. Here is a shot that Wynonna sent that will stand as a hallmark of a day that will go down as legend.

The hill became interlodged as control work was done and that is when you know things are getting serious. I was just amazed as the news came down of what was transpiring on the hill. Just like those days that everyone talks about in the old days, but it is today!! Tomorrow, check the road report for restrictions. It will be an epic day indeed, but do expect some wind work to have affected some of the aspects. Once again, I can happily report that it will be All Time in the first degree. Earlier in the season, I was asked if I thought it would be a good season, and I replied that my visualization was for a season like ’83-84 and ’93-’94 which were really big. I still am holding my visualizations for that still, and if we all get together and tune in, I think it could very well surpass those epic seasons. Think Deep Dreams!!!



The sky was overcast and the temps. were moderate to start the day as The Faithful were, once again, in full attendance awaiting the opening of the areas waiting in the wings. When the starting bell went off the big push was toward Baldy, where the soft untracked lines were waiting. The snow had consolidated, leaving it very buoyant and silky underfoot. It felt like frosting a cake with a paper knife. I made a couple of laps there to take advantage of the bonus after taking the last couple of days off. I have been studying fluid dynamics and the geometric aspects of water. Here is a shot that of one of my experiments. You can see the geometry in the bubbles. Also showing why snow flakes are 6 sided.

Mineral Basin opened around Noon, with wide open lines just waiting. The consistency was smooth and buoyant there as well. Tomorrow, look for a bit of accumulation overnight, with a storm moving in for the day. Dress for storm riding and colder temps. It will be quite windy as well. Look for some wind smoothing and deeper pockets in the guts. The cut up pack could be variable, so look for the deeper accumulations. See you there for the magic!! Stay Frosty!!



With a huge storm total that rivals many events in memory, the signals had been sent and The Faithful showed up for the festivities in very large numbers. The hill was set up for a great experience for those that made it up for the day. Here is a shot of Brian Beck dialing in the goods and getting the most out of each turn on the Gad Chutes.

More of the mountain was open for today and the entire pack was smooth and wide open. There were areas that are still yet to be opened and we’ll have to keep an eye on possible openings. Tomorrow, expect the wind to be a factor affecting the pack, which could begin to provide some wind buffed lines that will be amazing with just the right touch by the wind work. With all this cover, your favorite lines will be fat and ready for prime time. Groomers will be exquisite and will let you explore your inner Ligety. It has been so great to be able to engage the full ski in the medium and get that snap and roll of 100% of the turn energy. No slip, no slide, no problem!! I will be back on the hill in the AM. and will have a first hand look at the hill. See you there for the opening bell. IBBY!!



This last installment was an epic dump, which left over 30” of Essence covering the dance floor. Needless to say, any issues with the old layer were just a footnote on the season. I could not get up the hill today, as the traffic was backed up all the way to the freeway. I opted to spend time bonding with the corral horses Snoopy and Prickly Pete who watch me drive away every day and I know they are wondering what is up that road. A number of areas remained closed today due the large amount of accumulation. Here is a indication of how the conditions are visually!!

Be very careful not to make any noise, the souffle might fall!!

Tomorrow, look for very heavy pressure for the goods, which are still waiting in the wings. Use the chair options to avoid the Tram pressure. Keep an eye out for openings as the control work gets completed. I will be taking my usual Saturday off, so get the deepest line you can and dial it in for me. I’ll be back up Sunday for a first hand look at the pack. The hill is ALL TIME right now, so there is not much else to say but WOW!! Run silent, Run DEEP!!



The weather was just getting started this morning with high winds, moderate accumulation, and very marginal visibility just custom made for a full on sensory extravaganza. With only Regulator open off the top, you needed to use your Spidy Sense to feel the flow and ebb of the wind swept lines that kept you guessing. As the wind increased along with the snow fall, it became a full on free refill situation. I kept lapping the same line and finding untracked smoothness each time I dropped the aspect. I was working the subtle variations of aspect to keep me in the deep sections, as just a few feet away, the wind had scoured the pack. Not being able to see the changes made it interesting and feeling it out seemed to work the best. Here is a shot of my good friend Becky, who has just celebrated a mile stone lap around old SOL. I still can’t keep up with her. Happy Birthday Becky!!

I bailed after breakfast to avoid the Canyon closure and get out ahead of the push. Tomorrow, look for the Canyon to be closed in the AM. The hill will be slow in opening as the accumulation was just getting started. The storm should be working the Front all night and into the day, so expect storm riding conditions. The hill is in prime time now, with all the entrances and traverses filling in nicely. You can choose any line you can imagine and it will be good to go top to bottom. See you there for a Powder Experience. IBBY!!



The very few inches covering the parking lot did not represent what was up on the hill, where there was fully a foot off fresh Essence to delight the early risers. The bottom layer could still be felt and the larger interference patterns were still in play, but the medium density product went a long way in cushioning the impact. On some of the lower elevation aspects, that rime crust could be felt, which added a certain challenging element to some of the lines. West facing aspects were holding up nicely as most of the traffic was being pulled further out on the traverses. Mineral Basin was offering very vacant lines that seemed like a private powder park. Here is a shot of two Bay Area Chargers who were beyond stoked to be getting freshness on their first drop off the peak.

As the pack got worked, harbor chop began to rise up quickly and made the ride a bit difficult. I slowed way down to dial in total roundness to mitigate the impact of the build up. This will become a great cushion for the next impulse that is coming in later in the day tomorrow. Tomorrow, look for more snow during the day with the main energy coming after noon. Fresh Grooming efforts will be offering full vintage living room shag lines where ever you find them. There are still some areas that were not opened today, but, perhaps, there may be some openings if the overnight accumulation is short and control efforts get completed. I will be keeping a close eye on the possibilities. It is going to be a great day with greatness wherever you go. It is all time right now and it is only going to get better if that is possible. Dial it up, Dial it in!!!



It was snowing lightly as the Tram hit the peak, with a skiff of freshness covering the dance floor. The medium density and warm temps. made the new product stick to the old layer fairly well, however, the slick layer was still in play and you needed to pay heed to the variations. Visibility was tricky with fog and rime ice mixed in with the falling snow. Sticking with the trees was the best place to find reference and detail on the snow. Great Grooming efforts had been employed and new sections of the hill had been tilled for the first time, making those lines fun fast and dynamic with terrain features. Here is a shot of Cam and Steve regaining equilibrium with deep tree work in between the big white expanses.

After the breakfast recon meeting, the snow began to build up slowly, but the rime ice that was falling made the pack become a bit tacky and choppy. The rime was coating the goggles and needed to be scraped off every thousand feet or so. Tomorrow, look for more storm riding to be on tap as a more juicy impulse is poised to move into the Front. The hill is in great shape to take a solid accumulation and all the big lines will be good to go. Interference patterns are still evident in the high traffic areas, but most of the hill is smooth and it is easy to find the big mountain feel. I am excited going into this cycle. See you there dark and early for the festivities. Straight Ahead!!



Another ground pounding day on the hill was a real treat, with freshly prepared lines that were steep, smooth and demanded full attention. The pack has consolidated quite a bit and the Groomers are firm, with a fair coating of wind driven dust to keep you in traction. A stout North wind was blowing all day long, keeping the temps. low, but did not have enough umph to begin transporting much to the waiting aspects. Many of the High North aspects have smoothed out with the constant traffic and the interference patterns have been very low amplitude. Traffic was very light and back to back Trams were easy and fast.

I meet so many folks who read the site when I am on the hill. I so enjoy meeting everyone and it makes me feel connected to everyone. Team Sully was stoked to be rockin’ the wide open lines that were all good to go. Here is a shot of Team En Fuego who were on fire, dialing in the steep drops that the Winch Cats had worked out in Mineral Basin. Those lines were epic.

Tomorrow, look for a storm to be moving in during the early hours of operation. This will begin a long stretch of precipitation that is predicted to continue through Friday. With the High North smoothed out and most of the other aspects are well covered and ready for prime time. Get ready for storm riding for the rest of the week and fun fun fun. Watch Your Six!!



The sky was cloud free and ultra blue this morning, making it a perfect day to dial in the stoke. The Grooming efforts were set up for fun and there were ground pounding lines on all sides of the hill. White Diamonds and Lower Silver Dipper were worked once again and are becoming more consistent with each treatment. Here is an amazing shot that Jack sent me of some Angel Light suspended out in Powder Paradise. This is such an amazing light effect that is rare and mesmerizing.

Temps. are remaining cool all day long, but the due South facing aspects are accumulating Sun effects and are a tad crispy, so watch your aspects. The Groomers still are holding the cold on the South faces, so they are good to go from the opening bell. Here is a shot of Dave and Angie stationed at the top of Lewis and Clark, keeping and eye on everyone’s safety on the hill. They do a great job and are always on hand to help out.

Tomorrow, look for another great day on the hill. Traffic should be very light and back to back runs will be fast and furious. Watch for those special Groomed lines that have been getting the touch as the pack increases. It is so much fun to dial in some back country type turns on the dry chalky pack that feels so good underfoot. Temps. will be cool in the AM., but you can expect warming that will take the chill off. I have still been dressing moderately, so I stay in the comfy zone. See you there for the morning rock and roll extravaganza. Lay It Over Like Ligety!!!



While the Valley continues to be shrouded in clouds due to the inversion, the hill was bathed in more Sun and smooth sliding. The Groomers were offering the goods on all sides of the hill and the off trail lines were becoming a bit more workable as the pack has become more consolidated. The High North aspects are offering the best consistency, as it has not been affected by the Sun and is still holding the cold. I had the extreme pleasure of attending Kazoodi’s first Pizza tasting parties of the season. It was off the chart good and a number of pies drew wide eyed amazement when sampled. Here is a shot of one of the amazing examples of designer crafting.

Mikey M of Barone’s Pizza of LA was also throwing down some new and exciting taste variations. Here he is holding down the hearth and waiting for the shrimp and artichoke on an Alfredo sauce base to get that perfect char.

Tomorrow, look for another beautiful day up on the hill out of the inversion gloom. Mineral Basin will be offering the full Sun illumination for your corduroy enjoyment. The front side will come alive when the Sun gets higher in the sky. I think traffic will still be light, and there will be plenty of wide open lines to explore your inner Ligety! See you there for the morning shred fest. Stay Frosty!!