1-18-19 by dave

This last installment was an epic dump, which left over 30” of Essence covering the dance floor. Needless to say, any issues with the old layer were just a footnote on the season. I could not get up the hill today, as the traffic was backed up all the way to the freeway. I opted to spend time bonding with the corral horses Snoopy and Prickly Pete who watch me drive away every day and I know they are wondering what is up that road. A number of areas remained closed today due the large amount of accumulation. Here is a indication of how the conditions are visually!!

Be very careful not to make any noise, the souffle might fall!!

Tomorrow, look for very heavy pressure for the goods, which are still waiting in the wings. Use the chair options to avoid the Tram pressure. Keep an eye out for openings as the control work gets completed. I will be taking my usual Saturday off, so get the deepest line you can and dial it in for me. I’ll be back up Sunday for a first hand look at the pack. The hill is ALL TIME right now, so there is not much else to say but WOW!! Run silent, Run DEEP!!

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