1-17-19 by dave

The weather was just getting started this morning with high winds, moderate accumulation, and very marginal visibility just custom made for a full on sensory extravaganza. With only Regulator open off the top, you needed to use your Spidy Sense to feel the flow and ebb of the wind swept lines that kept you guessing. As the wind increased along with the snow fall, it became a full on free refill situation. I kept lapping the same line and finding untracked smoothness each time I dropped the aspect. I was working the subtle variations of aspect to keep me in the deep sections, as just a few feet away, the wind had scoured the pack. Not being able to see the changes made it interesting and feeling it out seemed to work the best. Here is a shot of my good friend Becky, who has just celebrated a mile stone lap around old SOL. I still can’t keep up with her. Happy Birthday Becky!!

I bailed after breakfast to avoid the Canyon closure and get out ahead of the push. Tomorrow, look for the Canyon to be closed in the AM. The hill will be slow in opening as the accumulation was just getting started. The storm should be working the Front all night and into the day, so expect storm riding conditions. The hill is in prime time now, with all the entrances and traverses filling in nicely. You can choose any line you can imagine and it will be good to go top to bottom. See you there for a Powder Experience. IBBY!!

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