1-12-19 by dave

While the Valley continues to be shrouded in clouds due to the inversion, the hill was bathed in more Sun and smooth sliding. The Groomers were offering the goods on all sides of the hill and the off trail lines were becoming a bit more workable as the pack has become more consolidated. The High North aspects are offering the best consistency, as it has not been affected by the Sun and is still holding the cold. I had the extreme pleasure of attending Kazoodi’s first Pizza tasting parties of the season. It was off the chart good and a number of pies drew wide eyed amazement when sampled. Here is a shot of one of the amazing examples of designer crafting.

Mikey M of Barone’s Pizza of LA was also throwing down some new and exciting taste variations. Here he is holding down the hearth and waiting for the shrimp and artichoke on an Alfredo sauce base to get that perfect char.

Tomorrow, look for another beautiful day up on the hill out of the inversion gloom. Mineral Basin will be offering the full Sun illumination for your corduroy enjoyment. The front side will come alive when the Sun gets higher in the sky. I think traffic will still be light, and there will be plenty of wide open lines to explore your inner Ligety! See you there for the morning shred fest. Stay Frosty!!

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