1-21-19 by dave

The weather dude said it was going to dump starting early in the morning, and he was right on the money. It was dumping 2″ and hour easy, and the roads were unbelievably greasy. Though the Canyon was open, traffic was backed up to the Swamp lot and I found a good place to turn around to stop by Alpha Coffee for a cup of coffee and a master baked Gin Chao pastry to contemplate the options. With such heavy snowfall, the road closed and would remain so for the day. For those who were at The Bird and the very few who were able to get up, the day was an epic powder day that was country club vacant and as good as it gets. The hill closed around 1:30 PM as the stability issues became extreme, but those early hours are what dreams are made of. Here is a shot that Wynonna sent that will stand as a hallmark of a day that will go down as legend.

The hill became interlodged as control work was done and that is when you know things are getting serious. I was just amazed as the news came down of what was transpiring on the hill. Just like those days that everyone talks about in the old days, but it is today!! Tomorrow, check the road report for restrictions. It will be an epic day indeed, but do expect some wind work to have affected some of the aspects. Once again, I can happily report that it will be All Time in the first degree. Earlier in the season, I was asked if I thought it would be a good season, and I replied that my visualization was for a season like ’83-84 and ’93-’94 which were really big. I still am holding my visualizations for that still, and if we all get together and tune in, I think it could very well surpass those epic seasons. Think Deep Dreams!!!

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