1-20-19 by dave

The sky was overcast and the temps. were moderate to start the day as The Faithful were, once again, in full attendance awaiting the opening of the areas waiting in the wings. When the starting bell went off the big push was toward Baldy, where the soft untracked lines were waiting. The snow had consolidated, leaving it very buoyant and silky underfoot. It felt like frosting a cake with a paper knife. I made a couple of laps there to take advantage of the bonus after taking the last couple of days off. I have been studying fluid dynamics and the geometric aspects of water. Here is a shot that of one of my experiments. You can see the geometry in the bubbles. Also showing why snow flakes are 6 sided.

Mineral Basin opened around Noon, with wide open lines just waiting. The consistency was smooth and buoyant there as well. Tomorrow, look for a bit of accumulation overnight, with a storm moving in for the day. Dress for storm riding and colder temps. It will be quite windy as well. Look for some wind smoothing and deeper pockets in the guts. The cut up pack could be variable, so look for the deeper accumulations. See you there for the magic!! Stay Frosty!!

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