1-19-19 by dave

With a huge storm total that rivals many events in memory, the signals had been sent and The Faithful showed up for the festivities in very large numbers. The hill was set up for a great experience for those that made it up for the day. Here is a shot of Brian Beck dialing in the goods and getting the most out of each turn on the Gad Chutes.

More of the mountain was open for today and the entire pack was smooth and wide open. There were areas that are still yet to be opened and we’ll have to keep an eye on possible openings. Tomorrow, expect the wind to be a factor affecting the pack, which could begin to provide some wind buffed lines that will be amazing with just the right touch by the wind work. With all this cover, your favorite lines will be fat and ready for prime time. Groomers will be exquisite and will let you explore your inner Ligety. It has been so great to be able to engage the full ski in the medium and get that snap and roll of 100% of the turn energy. No slip, no slide, no problem!! I will be back on the hill in the AM. and will have a first hand look at the hill. See you there for the opening bell. IBBY!!

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