1-22-19 by dave

It was a crystal clear morning, which provided full vision for as far as you could see. The mountain was fully covered with some of the most epic Essence of long memory, replete with blower face shot turns, smooth pack underneath, and cold smoke leaving trails of glory in the back lit morning light. Here is a shot of Mikey M in full immersion mode. The Peruvian Gulch opened just before 11 AM. with ultra deep goodness that let you dial in the fall line and find that point where power and resistance reach that magic point of stillness in the eye of the vortex.

Mineral Basin and The Road to Provo remained closed, with Mineral looking very wind affected and The Road to Provo looking like a huge expanse of perfection. Later in the day, as the pack got skied out, the harbor chop came up, requiring a deliberate round power turn to take the impact off your knees. The other approach would be to blast it full on and just power through, but that takes a lot of juice to maintain for any length of time. Here is a shot of the Subaru Snowbird Mascot on the Plaza deck fully stacked with the goods.

Tomorrow, look for more good vis., cool temps. and more super deep goodness waiting in the wings. That shot of Mikey M was the rule not the exception. If Mineral Basin opens, that wind affected pack may present some variable consistency, so keep that in mind. Extensive Grooming efforts will have been performed and I expect the first opening hour to be a deep pile shag extravaganza. The off trail will be getting stiffer as the day goes on, but it is still quite blastable and there are plenty of lines that are full on prime time. Keep your eyes open for the openings. Conditions are really going off and you will find great snow wall to wall. Syrup Won’t Stop ‘EM!!

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