1-13-19 by dave

The sky was cloud free and ultra blue this morning, making it a perfect day to dial in the stoke. The Grooming efforts were set up for fun and there were ground pounding lines on all sides of the hill. White Diamonds and Lower Silver Dipper were worked once again and are becoming more consistent with each treatment. Here is an amazing shot that Jack sent me of some Angel Light suspended out in Powder Paradise. This is such an amazing light effect that is rare and mesmerizing.

Temps. are remaining cool all day long, but the due South facing aspects are accumulating Sun effects and are a tad crispy, so watch your aspects. The Groomers still are holding the cold on the South faces, so they are good to go from the opening bell. Here is a shot of Dave and Angie stationed at the top of Lewis and Clark, keeping and eye on everyone’s safety on the hill. They do a great job and are always on hand to help out.

Tomorrow, look for another great day on the hill. Traffic should be very light and back to back runs will be fast and furious. Watch for those special Groomed lines that have been getting the touch as the pack increases. It is so much fun to dial in some back country type turns on the dry chalky pack that feels so good underfoot. Temps. will be cool in the AM., but you can expect warming that will take the chill off. I have still been dressing moderately, so I stay in the comfy zone. See you there for the morning rock and roll extravaganza. Lay It Over Like Ligety!!!

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