1-16-19 by dave

The very few inches covering the parking lot did not represent what was up on the hill, where there was fully a foot off fresh Essence to delight the early risers. The bottom layer could still be felt and the larger interference patterns were still in play, but the medium density product went a long way in cushioning the impact. On some of the lower elevation aspects, that rime crust could be felt, which added a certain challenging element to some of the lines. West facing aspects were holding up nicely as most of the traffic was being pulled further out on the traverses. Mineral Basin was offering very vacant lines that seemed like a private powder park. Here is a shot of two Bay Area Chargers who were beyond stoked to be getting freshness on their first drop off the peak.

As the pack got worked, harbor chop began to rise up quickly and made the ride a bit difficult. I slowed way down to dial in total roundness to mitigate the impact of the build up. This will become a great cushion for the next impulse that is coming in later in the day tomorrow. Tomorrow, look for more snow during the day with the main energy coming after noon. Fresh Grooming efforts will be offering full vintage living room shag lines where ever you find them. There are still some areas that were not opened today, but, perhaps, there may be some openings if the overnight accumulation is short and control efforts get completed. I will be keeping a close eye on the possibilities. It is going to be a great day with greatness wherever you go. It is all time right now and it is only going to get better if that is possible. Dial it up, Dial it in!!!

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