1-14-19 by dave

Another ground pounding day on the hill was a real treat, with freshly prepared lines that were steep, smooth and demanded full attention. The pack has consolidated quite a bit and the Groomers are firm, with a fair coating of wind driven dust to keep you in traction. A stout North wind was blowing all day long, keeping the temps. low, but did not have enough umph to begin transporting much to the waiting aspects. Many of the High North aspects have smoothed out with the constant traffic and the interference patterns have been very low amplitude. Traffic was very light and back to back Trams were easy and fast.

I meet so many folks who read the site when I am on the hill. I so enjoy meeting everyone and it makes me feel connected to everyone. Team Sully was stoked to be rockin’ the wide open lines that were all good to go. Here is a shot of Team En Fuego who were on fire, dialing in the steep drops that the Winch Cats had worked out in Mineral Basin. Those lines were epic.

Tomorrow, look for a storm to be moving in during the early hours of operation. This will begin a long stretch of precipitation that is predicted to continue through Friday. With the High North smoothed out and most of the other aspects are well covered and ready for prime time. Get ready for storm riding for the rest of the week and fun fun fun. Watch Your Six!!

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