1-15-19 by dave

It was snowing lightly as the Tram hit the peak, with a skiff of freshness covering the dance floor. The medium density and warm temps. made the new product stick to the old layer fairly well, however, the slick layer was still in play and you needed to pay heed to the variations. Visibility was tricky with fog and rime ice mixed in with the falling snow. Sticking with the trees was the best place to find reference and detail on the snow. Great Grooming efforts had been employed and new sections of the hill had been tilled for the first time, making those lines fun fast and dynamic with terrain features. Here is a shot of Cam and Steve regaining equilibrium with deep tree work in between the big white expanses.

After the breakfast recon meeting, the snow began to build up slowly, but the rime ice that was falling made the pack become a bit tacky and choppy. The rime was coating the goggles and needed to be scraped off every thousand feet or so. Tomorrow, look for more storm riding to be on tap as a more juicy impulse is poised to move into the Front. The hill is in great shape to take a solid accumulation and all the big lines will be good to go. Interference patterns are still evident in the high traffic areas, but most of the hill is smooth and it is easy to find the big mountain feel. I am excited going into this cycle. See you there dark and early for the festivities. Straight Ahead!!

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