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A big cycle began today as the storm impulses started to accumulate on the hill today. Visibility was very marginal, but the wind was smoothing the pack and the groomers were smooth and had a nice accumulation of 2” to make the ride extra smooth and creamy. Here is a shot that Mikey M sent today from an undisclosed location. There were plenty of blastable lines to dial in these types of face shots.

Mikey M dialing in the soft lines and getting the full effect of the day.

Both sides of the hill were great and the low angle lines on the West side of the hill were offering amazing quality with no traffic at all. I got to ride up the Tram with Junior Bounous and his son Steve, which was a real treat. He was telling me tales of the days before Snowbird and the personalities who were working the Snowbird acreage long before lifts. Priceless.

Junior Bounous on the Tram and ready to begin the season with soft snow and smooth lines.

The snowfall really kicked in around 1PM, when I left to get ahead of the road conditions. Tomorrow, look for overnight accumulation, a fair push for the goods, and an amazing storm riding day. Be sure to dress for cold as the temps were falling rapidly.

Team Adventure riding up for the very first time and were ready for an amazing time on the hill.

Here is a shot of Team Adventure who were stoked to be on the Tram and have a lot of fresh snow to discover. It is so much fun to share the stoke. See you there for the opening bell. Watch Your Six!!



High clouds shrouded the Sun today, making the light very flat with the details a bit obscure. The Groomers were really nice once again, with some gun powder strung down the hill that was worth throwing on the binders to dial in as much of that silky goodness as possible. Gad 2, and, later, Road To Provo opened with rave reviews from both areas. I was sticking with the smooth lines while I continue to work on stamina building. The off trail sections that have been worked for the past few days are setting up quite a bit and require a full blast approach or a more measured line to deal with the variations. Here is a shot of Paxton, who was manning the Pizza Oven in The Summit today.

The oven is hot and ready for a fresh pie to go in for the hungry lunch rush. Best pie in the world at 11,000′!!

Tomorrow, look for the first of a long few days of strormage to begin the next installment of Essence on the hill. The weather models are looking formidable, so expect a day of storm riding. Dress for wind and weather, and expect those smooth lines to still be holding the consistency when visibility goes away. If the precipitation comes in fast and hard, the off trail will be shaping up quickly and will be worth checking out. Stay with the trees for the best reference indicators. See you there for the start of something big! Think DEEP thoughts!!!



There were perfect Carpets of Ahhhhh on both sides of the hill to start out the day. The Grooming Crew did an amazing job smoothing this new material that was as perfect as it gets. One could charge the carpets with unmitigated audacity , which put you in the NOW moment. More sections of the hill opened today, offering great cold lines that have been kept refrigerated and out of the Sun. Here is a shot that Mikey M sent of the look down upper West Baldy.

First opening of Upper West Baldy of the season. Mikey M got the goods. That is looking fat.

Traffic was light and back to back Trams were easy to get. The Groomers also had some righteous Gun Powder stretched down the hill from the guns, that was as good as it gets. Sweet, Sweet, Sweet. I stopped and got a look into Mineral Basin which is beautifully illuminated and smooth.

Mineral Basin looking almost ready for prime time. One more installment and it will be in the Zone.

Tomorrow, look for more amazing groomers, soft snow on some of those Northwest and Northeast aspects, that really seemed to be holding the quality. There is weather in the forecast in the next while, so we’ll have to see how the visibility plays out.

Sara and Cassidy welcoming the Morning Crew in for the daily recon meeting. What a treat is the awesome energy they share each day.

I expect light traffic once again, so get there to work up the stamina level. IBBY!!



There was a solid turn out for the goods this morning. The hill had been dusted with a couple of inches of additional grauple, and with the overnight wind work, the upper mountain was smooth consistent and really excellent on any aspect you chose. I worked that Upper Primrose Path section I did yesterday, which was still holding up with smooth, soft, perfection that was a real treat this early in the season. Both sides of the hill were offering great blastable lines that lived up to the weather hype. Here is a shot of Mikey M getting a righteous face shot on the Eddie Mo traverse, which was avoiding detection for most of the day.

Mikey M. getting all of this perfect response of the pack to the turn he was dialing in. It was like that most of the day.

After the morning session, the Sun began to burn through the clouds, making for some spectacular lights in the sky. It was pretty trippy, with rainbows and sun dogs all around the Sun. Here is a shot I took on the peak with some very interesting optical anomalies.

Cosmic lights in the sky made the afternoon session a thing of beauty. This effect kept changing with the movement of the clouds over the peak.

Tomorrow, look for more excellent off trail lines, though it is beginning to stiffen a touch with such high moisture content. The Groomers will be offering amazing Carpets Of AHHHHH on both sides of the hill. The Grooming Crew and Snow Making Crew have been doing a great job of building the base in all those places it counts. Look for some sections of Gun Powder for the morning session as there should be numerous silky lines of freshness under the guns. See you there for the smooth carpets and wide open lines. Dial it up, Dial it IN!!!



I got an early start up the Canyon this morning to get out ahead of the heavy precipitation that was moving in rapidly. I made it up there just as the storm was unleashing in a big way. On the hill, a full 8 to 10″ of high density grauple covered the dance floor, with the high wind smoothing the surface to perfection. I made the first off trail lines on the season right of the top, and all the features were covered and a bottomless feel to the pack made it feel magical. With very light traffic to start the day, there was no pressure for the goods and I was able to lap back and get re filled goodness top to bottom once again.

Mark is the manage of The Summit on Hidden Peak. He has the best office on the planet, with ultimate views, good vibrations, and a great staff .

Here is a shot of my good friend Mark who heads up The Summit on Hidden Peak. It is always such a treat to share the vibrations with him in the center of The Vortex. Tomorrow, look for additional accumulation, as the Lake Effect kicks in with the Northwesterly flow. With the dense coating of today, some light Essence will be a perfect addition. I expect traffic to be fairly light, but I will be there early just to get ahead of any push. See you there for the fresh lines. Wildman would GO!!



The inversion was on the move today as the approaching weather system began pushing it out of The Valley. The Sun was in full effect, warming up the day and making the air look crisp and clear. Up on the hill, some clouds were hanging around on the peaks, and the visibility could have been variable. The Groomers were sure to offer that carpet smooth for the morning session. I took the day off to rest up after a full week of Tram laps, which worked me after a long Summer. Here is a shot of Neil’s first tracks on The Cirque yesterday. His are the ones on the left as he was right there for the rope drop.

First Tracks on The Cirque this season, which was smooth and silky smooth. Neil put down the first set on the Left.

Tomorrow, look for a storm day as the system will be moving in. Look for the Groomers to be offering the smooth in variable visibility, with the off trail still well covered, but the static is in effect and will take a bit to cover it up. See you there for the storm conditions. Straight Ahead!



It was a clear morning, with perfect groomers prepared for the Morning Crew on both sides of the hill. The Grooming Crew did an amazing job of making the mat more consistent as they reworked it top to bottom. The Cirque Traverse opened with soft snow on top of a consolidated pack. I stayed with the Groomed lines today, as I am still working on my stamina during these early days. Here is a shot of the scene in Mineral Basin with the inversion holding clouds in the Heber Valley.

Looking a bit like Heaven on a bright clear morning.

Traffic was very light, and back to back Trams were fast and fun with no waiting. It was a perfect day to dial in maximum vertical. The off trail was still very variable over all, but those lines off the Cirque Traverse certainly did look inviting. Tomorrow, look for another great day for the morning session, with top to bottom carpets of ahhhhh, still soft lines to find out on the Traverse, and fairly light traffic.

The trees are such amazing sculptures. Living many Winters, watching the snow come and go.

Here is a shot of some bark on a tree in the outer areas. I will be taking the day off tomorrow, so get the goods for me. I’ll be back on Sunday. Storms are moving in, get ready!! Stay Frosty!!



A few inches of fresh frosting covered the dance floor this morning, with both sides of the mountain open for line choices. With the new coating the off trail was much improved, but there was still some variability from aspect to aspect. The groomers were silky smooth, like frosting a cake with a paper knife. Traffic was light, and back to back Trams were fun, fast, and open. The moisture content of this installment was fairly high and it did not take long for the harbor chop to build up, and by 1PM it was just too much for my knees so I bailed.

The cooking line at the new 71 Restaurant at The Cliff

Tomorrow, look for refreshed groomed lines that will be offering perfect carpets of ahhhh for the early risers. We’ll have to see if additional accumulation happens overnight, but the hill is in great shape non the less. See you there for the morning festivities. Remain Standing!!!



It was a lightly attended but exuberant First Tram this morning, as the Sun was coming up with some clouds in the distance. More great grooming efforts made the opening push fun, consistent, and fast. With this reworking of the hill, the variations were much more consistent and the rollers were smoother, making the line choice more wide open. Here is a shot of The Bingham Mine across the Valley in the rising Sun.

Still having issues with the photos, stand by.

After 1PM, The Peruvian Gulch opened quietly. I was on hand for the opening and it was great to have relaxed pace. The off trail looked very punchy, as it had been sitting for a long time, so I opted to stick with the machine worked lines which were smooth, dry and chalky top to bottom. Think Young had been given a fresh till and was fat and full. Tomorrow, look for both sides of the hill to be open. There were reports of some soft pockets in the off trail areas, so go in expecting variable consistency. The machine worked lines will be good to go top to bottom. Straight Ahead!!!



The Sun was shining, the carpets were smooth and wide, and the traffic was light for the opening bell. With the Sun shining, the visibility was perfect, and the snow guns were blazing on Regulator, which provided some granular gun powder that made the turns a bit more luxurious under the wash. Here is a shot of the corner gun.

Coverage remains excellent on the open runs, and the smooth is holding up all day long with the light traffic. Trams are running casually, and making back to back Trams is easy, but there is plenty of uphill capacity to get maximum vertical. It was a great day to work on stamina, and line choice. Those high relief terrain features are still prominent, so expect to negotiate the variations. I stopped in to The Summit at Hidden Peak and talked with Elizabeth, who works so hard to make the Summit food so delicious.

It is always a treat to stop in and relax on the peak with such a great facility to enjoy. Tomorrow, look for more wide open groomers to help you get your mojo back. See there for the opening bell. IBBY!!!