12-20-19 by dave

The sky was clear and the temps were cold as Mineral Basin opened for the first time of the season. The faithful were in anxious attendance for the festivities and they wasted no time getting after the goods there that offered a wide range of consistencies. I went looking for some of the out of the way lines and found pay dirt on The Baldy Chair that was offering the most consistent pack that I found. Here is a shot of my tracks of the right and Neil’s tracks on the left dialing in the gully.

Neil put the center punch line down this first of the season Lewis and Clark expedition.

The off trail on the front side of the hill was offering that wide spread rumble, but the surface accumulation was soft, though the pack is becoming stiffer by the day. The Groomers are offering dry, chalky, consistency that lets you dial in arcing lacerations in the pack. The Snow Guns were being shut down as the morning warmed up, and the residual Gun Powder was silky perfect well down the slope on both sides of the hill. I met these representatives of the Big Johnson Ski Club today. They were getting their second wind back for the afternoon session.

Big Johnson Ski Club was well represented today and these guys got the Mineral Basin goods.

Tomorrow, look for more great lines to be happening in Mineral Basin, with some areas that are still waiting in the wings. The Groomers will be offering the Carpets Of AHHHHH on all sides of the hill. Traffic should be building as the holiday folks begin arriving. Weather will be great and the coverage is amazing. Here is a parting shot of the first Landing visit of the season.

The View from The Landing this morning as Mineral was getting worked by the faithful who were hard at it.

I’ll be taking the day off tomorrow, so enjoy the hill in it’s fully open extent. Syrup Won’t Stop ‘EM!!

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