12-28-19 by dave

It was supposed to be a sunny day according to Mr Weather, but there was variable visibility as clouds moved in and out all day, with flurries later in the day. An accumulation of ultra light Essence had been delivered overnight, and did nothing to cushion the underlying substrate. I tried various off trail options and beat a hasty retreat back to the groomed lines that were wonderfully carvalicious and offered consistent goodness on all sides of the hill. Mineral Basin was offering some clear sunny windows early that let you get a fair look at the pack. Here is a shot of Team Shoop, who were stoked to be getting some early lines in that fresh accumulation.

Team Shoop looking for a great day on the hill and the new installment’s fluffy feel.

Light flurries began to fall after Noon and the visibility got progressively vague, so I bailed on the day. Tomorrow, look for more great grooming efforts on all sides of the hill. There may be some light accumulation overnight as the impulse clouds seem to be hanging on the peaks. We’ll have to see how the visibility pans out in the AM. Dress for cold, and expect The Faithful to be in strong attendance. Those off trail lines are still going to be a bit tricky, so tread lightly. IBBY!!!

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