12-27-19 by dave

High Orbit shot of the home planet.

After negotiating some turbulent currents of Quantum Foam, I made it back from my trip to the Home Planet. This morning there were some low clouds hanging in the Valley, but the Sun was illuminating the higher elevations. The Groomers were offering the smooth dry chalk that made the traction easy and predictable. The off trail has soft snow on top of the older layer that was still dry and chalky, and that low amplitude rumble was easily absorbed. Mineral Basin was offering some amazing Carpets Of AHHHH that kept me making laps there for the first hour. The front side of the hill was vacant for the morning session as the crowd was hitting the back side for the Sun. Here is a shot of the Valley covered in clouds while we basked in the Sun.

Low clouds hung in the Valley while we played in the Sun.

As the day progressed, the pack got worked over, leaving some tiles and piles that required a larger arc to average out the variations. I bailed on the day as those clouds moved up the Canyon and maked the lights go out. Here is a shot of Timp. I took from the morning Landing stop.

Timp. shaking off the last of the high clouds as the peaks began to get the early morning Sun.

Tomorrow, look for more amazing Grooming on all sides of the hill. The off trail will continue to offer wide ranging options, with some of the far reaches still smooth and consistent if you go looking. The temps. seem to be getting a bit more brisk in the morning and I will be dressing a bit heavier for tomorrow’s festivities. The hill is in great shape and the traverses and entrances are good, but still use caution in the upper sections. Straight Ahead!!

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