12-23-19 by dave

Temps are warm again today with a thick cloud cover that makes the light flat. With a storm rolling in during the next couple of days the pack is getting ready for the next installment of Essence. More wind smoothing was on tap for today, and if you looked in the indicated places you would find the smooth billiard table goodness. This is a day to look the hill over for features and lines that will be part of the mix when things get covered up. Be looking for those areas of rumble and interference patterns, as well as having those smoothed out areas well mapped in you brain so you will have the inner knowing ready to deploy.

A view of the Cosmic Fringe where Time and Space create the event horizon.

I will be leaving this Galaxy for the next few days and I will be back ready for the Season to kick into full gear. Tomorrow, look for some overnight accumulation if the precipitation starts later today. The hill is in great shape, well covered, and most of the areas have now been opened and will be in the mix as the storm brings the goods. This is a perfect set up for the holidays and all the folks who come for this time will be treated to some find conditions. See you when I get back in a few days. Like Joe Man The Snow Man says, “Don’t Skimp On The Groove Sauce”!!!

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