12-29-19 by dave

It was a few degrees warmer this morning as The Tram hit the peak, with light flurries continuing to fall. Visibility was marginal wall to wall, so I bypassed the Mineral Basin routine to stick with the trees on the Peruvian Gulch, where the groomers were consistent, smooth, and chalky. I found the best feel was on the low angle aspects as they seemed to be holding a bit more of the accumulated Essence that had fallen overnight. I tried going off trail once again to see if the rumble had abated, but it was still difficult, so I bailed and stayed with the prepared lines. Most of the hill was open, so if you went far afield you could find some smooth lines on the outside. Here is a shot of what you would have seen had the visibility cooperated.

A long shot looking down Canyon at some of the famous lines that dreams are made of. Go make ’em real!

Tomorrow, look for more clouds and variable visibility. All sides of the hill should be offering great machine worked lines that will let you dial in your inner Ligety. There may be some overnight accumulation of the ultra light, so look for the smoothest lines to take advantage of the blower quality of the lake effect accumulation. Traffic should be quite light as we start the week, but the holiday crowd is still with us, however, I don’t anticipate any back ups. See you there dark and early for the smooth Carpets Of AHHHH! Stay Frosty.

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