12-21-19 by dave

Today was the shortest day of the year and the days will be getting longer now, which seems to make time move faster for some reason. The wind was up, scouring the hill with force that was going to be moving the product around to the Peruvian Gulch and similar aspects. A fairly persistent cloud deck blocked the Sun, but there were a few bright spots now and again. With that cloud cover, the light was quite flat and the details were hard to discern. Here is a long shot of Regulator that I took earlier in the week, with the stationary guns blazing out the goods.

The Big Guns cranking out the product on Regulator. The Snow Making Crew and Cat Crew have been doing a great job of making the dance floor good to go.

Tomorrow, look for another cloudy day with stout winds. I will be looking for wind deposited goodness in the Peruvian Gulch and some of the aspects in Mineral Basin that should be offering some perfect wind slab carpets. Those windward aspects will be very firm and scratchy, so look for the deposited transported product in the low areas and guts . The tree lines will capture the moving snow and place it near the edges. Look for that as well. See you there for the wind worked lines I am hoping to find. See the Line, BE the Line!!!

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