12-22-19 by dave

The hill was firm and fast this morning with a solid cloud deck that made the light very flat. As anticipated, the overnight wind work had filled in some of the Northeast aspects with transported product that was dry, chalky, and perfect. The wind was fairly strong with a very short Tram delay, but kept those smooth aspects filling up with each lap. I went out to Mineral Basin to start things off, finding the off trail still had a very stiff rumble that sent me back for the machine worked lines, which were consistent and the place to be in the very flat light. It was a very festive time on The Plaza with a lot of folks in Santa costumes that really said happy holidays.

The Holiday Season is in full effect with such great energy and spirit on the hill.

Tomorrow, look for more firm and fast conditions. Look for some more wind smoothed sections that will still be good to go on those North and Northeast aspects. Check out lines off the Road To Provo for additional lines, however, you will have to go fairly far out to find them. Traffic was light today and I expect continued light traffic. The Groomers will be offering the most consistent lines with the continued overcast skies. With the warmer temps, the snow making has been suspended, but more Essence in incoming for the Tuesday and Wednesday. Speed Safely!!

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