12-31-19 by dave

With cold temps., bright Sun, and beautifully prepared velvet carpets, it was a simply sizzling day. Mineral Basin was offering wide open lines of smooth velvet with excellent carving out in the Lewis and Clark area. I made a bunch of laps back there to get all that ground pounding fun before heading back to work the front side, where more top to bottom machine worked lines were waiting, with a bonus, first smoothing of Lower Primrose Path. What a treat to get that lower section half pipe line that collects the dry dust in the gut. The view off the peak was wild first thing with three distinct cloud decks.

I imagine that Lake Bonneville would look something like this 15,000 years ago.

Traffic was quite light, with back to back Trams easy to get. I was out and about looking for the smooth and came across Team Rainbow, who were stoked to be out on the hill and were ready to tackle Lupine Loop.

Team Rainbow making a strong showing on the dry chalky lines that waiting in Mineral Basin

Tomorrow, look for a stormy day, with heavy snow predicted throughout the day. Remember your smooth lines from today to give you the edge in the variable conditions. It may take a bit of accumulation to begin to fill the variations. The hill is in great shape to accept this new installment, which will go a long way toward getting the hill primed, making that old substrate a footnote. The next few days are going to be what dreams are made of, get ready. See the Line, Be the Line!!

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