12-30-19 by dave

A few more inches of uber light Essence covered the dance floor this morning. The visibility was very difficult with dense fog, snow in the air, and only the trees for reference. I was tempted to try out Mineral Basin, but went for the Peruvian Gulch for the first laps to get the party started with as many visual points as I could get. The off trail is slowly improving as the additional accumulation is beginning to cushion the ride. The static and rumble persists and the smooth prepared lines offer the best consistency given the visibility. There were reports that Mineral Basin had a bit better light after you got off the peak, but I never ventured there to check. Here is a shot I took on the peak of an unusual accumulation of ice that seemed almost organic in appearance.

An ice formation on the peak that seemed almost organic and had some very trippy textures.

As the day progressed, the prepared lines began to become more inconsistent, with tiles and piles requiring a long deliberate turn to average the variations. Tomorrow, look for a break in cloud cover with some Sunshine predicted for the day. Expect cold temps and dress for the occasion. The Groomers will be offering those smooth, dry, chalky carpets that make those early morning runs worth making the effort. With some visibility, it will be a good time to revisit Mineral Basin, where there should still be some smooth off trail lines waiting after being hidden in the fog. See you there for the race to the New Year. Remember: Keep your hands and feet inside the ride at all times!!!

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