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The temps were warm this morning and I was able to ski with the top down from the beginning. Mineral Basin had not frozen, and the Groomers were soft and felt like back country corn. Smooth, consistent lines offered full platform engagement, making each turn a delight. Light traffic for the first hour back there made for hot laps and some good Sun bathing. Here is a shot of an out of the way corn section.

Tracy, making some beautiful turns with back country perfect corn goodness under her feet.

On the front of the hill there was an interesting freeze pattern where some of the lines were soft in the morning Sun and other sections were quite firm. Tenderizing efforts had been performed and looking for those lines on the front of the hill was key in the early hours. The break came around 11AM, but was even later on the Gad Valley where the pack was holding tough quite a bit longer.

The equipment was parked as the unusual suspects conversed close by. Nice social distancing on the equipment’s part.

Tomorrow, look for similar conditions on the hill, again, with the Mineral Basin aspects breaking first. The front side of the hill will be solidifying with the residual cold in the North facing aspects. Focus on the back bowl till some softening occurs on the front. Coverage remains excellent wall to wall, and take advantage of the big mountain smooth the Groomers provide. Speed Safely!!



The high pressure is moving in and things are warming up, headed for some record breaking highs. The groomers were offering great lines this morning, with the High North still holding some of the cold. Traffic was much lighter as the pressure was off the hill. Here is a shot of the spaciousness on The Tram.

Two of the unusual suspects enjoying a spacious Tram ride to the the peak, where the wide open Groomers waited.

With the warming temps, the sweet window is much shorter, and staying ahead of the Sun is a must to get the best quality. Tomorrow, look for more wide open Groomed lines, with low traffic, excellent surfaces, and a real corn day as the pack has gone through some freeze thaw cycles now. Mineral Basin will be the place to start, but new and exciting lines are being prepared, so keep your eyes open. Here is a shot that Jake sent of Hoppie’s looking smooth and direct!!

The first time this line has been given the Industrial Smoothing this season. Seamless and good to go.

There will still be some dry cold surfaces in the morning, so be there early for the goods, and with the warming temps, the pack will be breaking much sooner than last week. Don’t touch that dial!!!



A light dusting covered the dance floor for today’s festivities, with bright Sun, beautifully prepared groomers, and some fresh untracked lines on the far reaches that had escaped yesterday’s crew. The air was cold and a fair wind was blowing out of the North, keeping the product soft and cold for the first couple of hours before the Sun rose up high enough to work the pack. The untracked lines I got were absolutely perfect with no underlying rumble at all, making each turn a treat. Here is a shot of the Girls at the top of Baldy, which was holding the cold dry softness.

Tracy, Wynona, and Lynn at the top of the climb to Baldy, with The Summit in the background. These ladies can make good use of the perfect lines that wait for them.

The product from the past couple of days had been worked into the mat, making the prepared lines Winter perfect and easy. By 11 AM the lower elevations began to get a bit gummy, but the higher lines stayed soft and cold quite a bit longer. Tomorrow, look for lots of Grooming treats on all sides of the hill and stay ahead of the Sun for the best quality. The High North should still be holding the cold, but, with warmer temps, it will not stand up very long. Coverage remains excellent on all sides of the hill and you can trust the lines pretty much everywhere. IBBY!!!



The storm clouds were clearing off this morning, with the Valley full socked in, but great visibility to start the day. The Faithful were in full attendance early this morning in anticipation of the fresh Essence that waited up on the hill. A couple more inches had fallen, but not enough to fill in the tracks from yesterday.

Winter fresh and piling up, the Essence was prime for the morning session.
I was waiting in line with Tracy and Tracy this morning. We were assessing the options and excited about the day.

There was plenty of fresh lines all over the hill, with the traverses offering untracked goodness and light traffic as the crowd got spread out. Here is a great shot that Dave Hiestand sent from Rat’s Nest.

The Upper Cirque looking smooth, fat, and fresh for this late in April. Late April always brings it.

Tomorrow, look for some leftover lines on the outskirts, lighter traffic, and sunny skies as the storm has moved off to the East. The Groomers will be offering amazing carpets of AHHHH on all sides of the hill as the new product is tilled into the mat. Visibility will be full on and I expect full platform engagement underfoot. Stay out ahead of the Sun as it will be working the product early. Stay Frosty!!



A constant patter of rain on the skin of The Trailer signaled the arrival of the Spring Storm that has been on approach for some days. The medium moisture content made the new accumulation a good cushion on the old hard layer. The latest update reported 9″, however, the constant intensity down here in the Valley translates to much more accumulation up on the hill.

It is very quiet these days especially when you get there early to start the day and make first Tram.

Tomorrow, look for additional accumulation, continued precipitation as the Storm continues to bring the moisture. Pressure for the goods will be brisk, and patience will be a virtue as the day gets started. The off trail will be much improved as the new product will be cushioning the ride, but stick with the smoothest lines for the best consistency. Dress for Storm riding. See the Line, Be the Line!!



Warmer and windy conditions greeted The Faithful this morning as the Tram docked on the peak. With high dense clouds shrouding The Sun, the light was very flat and details were hard to discern. A light skiff of snow covered the pack, making the turns a bit softer and easy on the firm surfaces. The wind was really kicking up ahead of the storm that is headed our way, but the precipitation is holding off until tomorrow morning. Here is a shot looking into Mineral Basin at the Lewis and Clark area looking forlorn as the Baldy Chair is closed for the season.

Closed, but not forgotten. We had some amazing times out on this Lewis and Clark area this season. It is like a private resort.

Tomorrow, look for precipitation to be in the mix in the morning and filling in during the day. Look for the groomed lines to be offering the smooth consistency that is important in the variable visibility that will be on tap. Coverage is good wall to wall, however, the off trail is still rasty and frozen, making it quite difficult. I expect colder temps, so don’t expect much in the way of softening, though any new product will help cushion the turns. It is looking like a fairly meaty storm in the next couple of days. Stay Frosty!!



It was a cloudy and windy day, with still cold temps on the peak, but warming on the bottom of the hill. The Grooms were the place to be as the off trail is still difficult with widespread rumble.

Dino, the Mineral Basin mascot was peaking out to see what was up with the weather.

Coverage is excellent top to bottom with plenty of of variation to keep you dialed in. Tomorrow, look for another day of clouds before this next system moves into the Front. The forecast is still looking very promising and this may well be a real Winter Powder event, with cold dry Essence with cold air and a Northerly flow. The Groomers will be the place to find the consistent smooth, and the early hours will be crispy before any softening occurs. See you there for the morning hot laps. Straight Ahead.



It was bright, sunny, and cold this morning for the opening bell. Mineral Basin was calling with White Diamonds offering smooth crystal corduroy, which had plenty of tooth to get good edge for solid turns. Lower Silver Dipper was prepared as well, making the smooth transition over the knoll to the lower face which was just beginning to break in the Sun. Fast laps there with no pressure for the goods was fun and fast. The Front of the hill was quite firm, but tenderizing efforts had been prepared on the main runs, with a sugar consistency that made the turns feel easy. The clouds built up and snow showers began falling around 11AM, with the light becoming flat. I took that eventuality to stop in at The Forklift to assess the options.

It was a pleasure to meet JB Liljenquist on the Plaza after the Sun came back out. He has a long storied career in the Ski industry and it was fun trading notes of the mutual folks we know.

Tomorrow, look for the wind to pick up as a storm is approaching out of AK, which will bring fresh Essence to the hill. I think there may be some Sun to start things out in the AM, but clouds may build in as the front approaches. Look for more groomed lines in Mineral Basin to start the day, and low traffic early as folks are waiting till later to show up. I’ll be taking the day off as usual, so dial in some rippin’ turns for me. IBBY!!



Cold temps. and bright Sun were on tap this morning, but the Sun was working it’s magic on the direct facing aspects. Silver Dipper was sporting a stellar preparation for the Morning Crew, which kept us lapping that big mountain smooth pitch lap after lap. White Diamonds was also amazing, with seamless passes that let you explore your inner Ligety. Traffic was light and hot laps were easy to rack up. The colder temps kept the pack just right a bit longer in the back before is started to break into the too soft zone. On the front of the hill, nice lines had been prepared, including lower Primrose Path, which was quite crisp, however, by 10AM it started to break. Mark Malu was also offering really nice quality for a long time for variations in line choice.

JP and Calo were enjoying the Sun on the Plaza Deck this morning waiting for the break. I have knows these folks for over 40 years and it is always a treat to see them for their annual visit.

Tomorrow, look for more nicely prepared lines on the hill and firm conditions to start things off. Some clouds are predicted to be present for the start of the day, so the break may be hampered without the direct rays. Still, the smooth lines have enough traction to keep things fast and fun. I expect the break to begin after 10AM and the quality to hold up a little longer before the pack gets too soft on the lower elevations. Look for the High North aspects to hold up with the dry chalk they have been holding these days of cold mornings. Lay it over like Ligety!!!



It was an overcast day today with some light precipitation from time to time over the high peaks. The groomers were the place to find the consistent ride as the off trail is very difficult these days after these afternoons of softening. The usual lines were prepared on all sides of the hill, however, the scope has been scaled back, so check the run report for the prepared lines. White Diamonds got a nice till, and was smooth and consistent in Mineral Basin. Here is a shot of the Morning Crew lined up and waiting for the festivities to begin.

Waiting for first Tram with the gang, and a fun day of Spring madness.

Tomorrow, look for clearing skies and much better visibility, however, the wind may be picking up as the weather dude is predicting some storms moving in for early next week. I’ll be checking the run report in the AM to see what will be prepared and I expect some crispy Groomers to be on tap. Tenderizing efforts have been being employed on the easier lines down the hill that have good traction and let you dial in some carving turns. See you there dark and early for the Spring turns. Remain Standing.