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Rippin’ fun was on tap this morning with bright Sun, cold temps., and beautifully prepared groomed lines for The Faithful. With the cold temps and light wind, the pack was breaking slowly in the direct Sun. Mineral Basin was amazing and vacant for the first hour. Here is a shot of Silver Dipper I took after my second pass at the smooth corduroy lines.

Steep, long, constantly variable pitch made Silver Dipper a big mountain smooth delight this morning.
Jake found this line of untracked dust that fell overnight with the passing front out on Lupine Loop.

On the front of the hill, the High North aspects were holding the cold and had that small amount of accumulation that made the prepared lines a real treat. Upper Primrose Path was prepared and offered dry chalky turns top to bottom. Here is a shot of Mark Malu that Neil sent along. Smooth rippin’ fun lines kept the Morning Crew working the hill with hot laps.

Smooth lines up close and personal, with Regulator waiting for some softening to occur.

Tomorrow, look for some overcast skies with light flurries as a quick front moves through. Expect windy conditions and nothing in the way of softening. Visibility could be a challenge, so use the known smooth for consistency. The prepared lines will be trustworthy, so stay close the the smooth and avoid the off trail. I expect very light traffic with the forecast such as it is. We’ll have to see how it shakes out. Straight Ahead!!



It was a beautiful morning with bright Sun and a stout breeze out ahead of another front that will be moving through quickly. Grooming efforts were happening on all sides of the hill though they were scaled back as many of the lifts were closed for the season. Tenderized lines were on tap to mitigate the firmness of the pack after a very cold night, and dust was being blown on the North facing aspects that made the prepared lines a bit more silky. Mark Malu was a treat with the soft dust that covered the prepared lines and a few laps there were fun and fast. Here is a shot I took yesterday from the top of The Baldy Chair during it’s last day of the season.

Fresh essence covering Timp. during the last trip to the top of the Baldy Chair. Still lots of snow in the back bowl.
Mineral Basin is still fully loaded and providing some fast and furious fun.

The front of the hill was offering some nice smooth lines that were vacant with the light traffic. The wind started to pick up and clouds began to move in, making the light go flat around 11:30AM as the approaching front began to move in for later tonight. Tomorrow, look for a dusting on the hill and a bit of Sun. I expect the temps to be cold, so dress for the occasion. The pack will be crispy, but look for the High North facing aspects to still be holding the dry chalk, however, the lower elevations will be firm. I will be looking for tenderizing efforts lower on the hill for the best traction. See you there for the Spring conditions and the light traffic. Stay Frosty.



It was sunny and cold on the peak this morning with a fair breeze keeping the temps from warming up. Mineral Basin was offering very nice prepared lines, with White Diamonds and Lower Silver Dipper providing solid turning surfaces that let you dial in your inner Ligety. Lewis and Clark was quite crispy as it saw it’s share of Sun yesterday. Off trail was very difficult with the exception of some High North aspects that were good to go. Here is a couple of shots Mikey M sent along from Baldy Shoulder.

Mikey M getting the last of the dry stuff on the High North aspects.
Mark Herath getting a smooth dry and dusty line on Baldy Shoulder in the early hours of the day.

I was doing laps in Mineral Basin while the crowd was small and bypassed the opening of the Road to Provo which looked a tad rasty to me as I scoped it out on the way to the Basin. Here is a shot that Jake sent of his and Wynona’s line down Old Ladies. It looks mighty crusty, but they put down those two righteous lines there on the right.

Wynona scoping out here handy work on some difficult zipper crust. She just turns and burns it up at all times.

On the front of the hill, dry chalky Groomers were on tap up high, but the pack became much more crispy lower down on the hill. The break began around 11 AM, when the Sun had had a chance to play on some of the lines. Tomorrow, look for a clear morning, with weather moving in later in the afternoon. Expect crispy Groomers, but softening in Mineral Basin as the Sun works it. The off trail is still very difficult and only the High North aspects might still be holding the dry cold. I expect light traffic and wide open lines. Speed Safely.



Sunny powder was on tap today as that Low moved off leaving only some puffy clouds in it’s wake. Areas that were waiting in the wings were opened and the quality was holding up for the early risers. The Groomers were amazing as that old layer is gone and only total platform engagement was working on all slides of the hill. Here are a couple of shots that Mikey M sent along of the goods over on The Chamonix Chutes.

Mark Herath keeping it tight and making very nice turns in the fresh frosting.
Keith Bates carving the line with total platform engagement in effect. So spreadably smooth!!

Coverage is great with this new installment on the hill and the hill is in great shape for exploration. Tomorrow, look for amazing Groomers to still be on tap, but watch the off trail for sun affected areas. High North facing aspects will still be holding the cold, but check around for reference. There is another impulse predicted to move in out of the North around Noon, so expect some visibility issues to develop as the day goes on. IBBY



There was more accumulation and fresh lines as new sections of the hill opened up and more precipitation adds to the pack. Low traffic made for a relaxed feel and wide open lines to ply. The old layer is all but gone and smooth lines are everywhere as all the rumble and interference patterns have filled in. Here is a couple of shots Mikey M sent of the opening of the Sunday Cliffs.

Mikey M getting the full effect of all the accumulation that has been delivered and making good use of it.
Mark Herath dialing in the fall line for direct drive out on the Sunday Cliffs. Perhaps the best snow of the season out there.

Conditions are great and there will be plenty of soft snow. Tomorrow, look for more sections waiting in the wings, amazing Groomers to be on tap with Winter soft carvey carpets of AHHHH. If the Sun comes out it will be affecting the pack quickly, so stay ahead of the Rays. Better weather is lining up, so take advantage of the fresh Essence and smooth lines on the hill. Keep it tight!!



The goodness just keeps comin’ as this cut off Low keeps turning and not moving much, but is continually adding up the deep. With all the new snow, the substrate is becoming a non issue and great turns are happening all over the hill. This has been a really great pause in the Spring feel, bringing back Winter for The faithful. It is raining here at The Trailer as I write this and that translates to more goodness up on the hill. Here is a shot of Professor Tom up on Baldy dialing in the full measure of Essence.

Square, centered, and driving for the next turn, you just can’t miss. The Professor teaching a lesson.
Shane Jimenez fully engaged in Essence and absorbing the vibrations out on Baldy.

Thanks to Mikey M for sending along these great shots that really tell the story, no words required. Tomorrow, look for additional accumulation as these impulses keep pumping through with the rotation. Lots of areas of the hill have remained closed, so there is plenty of Uber deep coming up. The forecast is for a continued unsettled pattern, so visibility will remain an issue, but the conditions remain deep and Winter worthy. I expect fair pressure for the goods, so use the chair option for the best access. Don’t Touch That Dial!!



The rain was pelting the skin of The Trailer as I was surfacing this morning, signaling the arrival of a cut off low to The Front and snow up on the hill. The snow fall up on the hill was fast and hard, and adding up quickly. With some high moisture content, the new Essence cushioned the ride and became deep enough for righteous face shots. Here are a couple of shots that Mikey M sent of the deep lines.

Mikey M getting a face full out on the Cirque Sign Line.
Mark Herath getting untracked goodness one day after really firm Spring surfaces. What a difference a day makes.

It is dumping here at The Trailer as I write this, and I expect a fair addition to the delivery overnight as impulses are lined up to the West and are continually developing as they move East. Expect delays on the hill as mitigation is performed and brisk traffic for the new installment. Looks like we could see continued additions as the cut off Low keeps bringing the goods. More is better and getting closer to my prediction of an average snowfall for the season. Speed Safely!!



It was another bright ,sunny, cold morning today, with a stout wind blowing out of the South East. Great Grooming had been prepared in Mineral Basin, with Silver Dipper, and White Diamonds delivering sweet, granular consistency that let you dial in deep carves with each turn. With very light traffic, fast hot laps were on tap, making it a rippin’ shred fest. Here is a shot that Jake sent of the second Tram wait.

Light traffic for the Tram this morning, with walk on back to back Trams going off every 15 minutes.

The winds of change were blowing, and with it comes a storm that is predicted to be with us for several days and deliver fresh Essence to the hill. Here is a shot that Jake sent of Tower 3 with the first of the high clouds that would, later, fill in an make the light go flat.

The cold temps kept the pack from getting too soft, but the front of the hill had some really nice lines that had been tenderized shortly before opening, providing good traction and smooth granular surfaces. Traffic remained light and maximum vertical was easy to rack up. Tomorrow, look for overcast skies and, some precipitation as the storm moves in and intensifies. Go with the known smooth as the off trail is very rasty and difficult. Dress for cold and weather. Straight Ahead!!



It remains very chilly these days as the wind continues out of the North. Mineral Basin was a bit softer this morning, with Silver Dipper offering soft prepared lines as it baked in the direct Sun. On the front of the hill, the prepared lines were still very crispy though you could get some traction from the wind deposited dust that was landing on some of the low spots. Traffic was light and walk on Trams was a treat. I stopped into the Summit on Hidden Peak to take in the ambience, and absorb the vibrations and view framed by the huge windows.

Sitting in the Power Spot under the center fan makes my hair stand on end. What a view of the Twins.

Tomorrow, look for another cool morning, with slow softening after Noon. I will be looking for the softening in Mineral Basin early and making my way over to Lewis and Clark for some low angle lines that make it easier to negotiate the firm conditions. A later start is recommended, and after Noon is not too late. I am a morning person, so I deal with the pack as I find it. Keep it tight!!



The cold continued today, with a stout North wind blowing on the peak keeping the pack from thawing anytime soon. Great grooming efforts had been performed, with some tenderizing efforts on some of the main lines to add some traction, and the wind did transport some dust which settled on the mat adding some silky feel to the turns. Light traffic was on tap with fast laps in Mineral Basin that kept you working the lines. Here is a shot of a rare industrial smoothing of Lower Lower this morning.

Lower Lower smooth, wide and steep ready for prime time, but it would take until 3PM for it to soften. Doh!!

Lewis and Clark was offering very nice dust covered carpets, and the morning crew had fun doing laps there while other Sun facing lines softened a tad. Here is a shot of the Crew with my Brother making an appearance on the hill after a twenty plus year pause. Great to have him with us.

My Brother Larry on the far left enjoying the full Lewis and Clark experience. Still lots of snow covering the dance floor.

Tomorrow, look for another day of slow warming, but lots of smooth prepared lines will be on tap. A late start won’t set you back, as the softening is happening after Noon on most of the hill. Mineral Basin will be offering the early break, but, with the wind blowing, it may take a while like it did this morning. Enjoy the wide open vacant lines of Spring sliding. Stay Frosty!!