4-18-21 by dave

It was sunny and cold on the peak this morning with a fair breeze keeping the temps from warming up. Mineral Basin was offering very nice prepared lines, with White Diamonds and Lower Silver Dipper providing solid turning surfaces that let you dial in your inner Ligety. Lewis and Clark was quite crispy as it saw it’s share of Sun yesterday. Off trail was very difficult with the exception of some High North aspects that were good to go. Here is a couple of shots Mikey M sent along from Baldy Shoulder.

Mikey M getting the last of the dry stuff on the High North aspects.
Mark Herath getting a smooth dry and dusty line on Baldy Shoulder in the early hours of the day.

I was doing laps in Mineral Basin while the crowd was small and bypassed the opening of the Road to Provo which looked a tad rasty to me as I scoped it out on the way to the Basin. Here is a shot that Jake sent of his and Wynona’s line down Old Ladies. It looks mighty crusty, but they put down those two righteous lines there on the right.

Wynona scoping out here handy work on some difficult zipper crust. She just turns and burns it up at all times.

On the front of the hill, dry chalky Groomers were on tap up high, but the pack became much more crispy lower down on the hill. The break began around 11 AM, when the Sun had had a chance to play on some of the lines. Tomorrow, look for a clear morning, with weather moving in later in the afternoon. Expect crispy Groomers, but softening in Mineral Basin as the Sun works it. The off trail is still very difficult and only the High North aspects might still be holding the dry cold. I expect light traffic and wide open lines. Speed Safely.

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