4-19-21 by dave

It was a beautiful morning with bright Sun and a stout breeze out ahead of another front that will be moving through quickly. Grooming efforts were happening on all sides of the hill though they were scaled back as many of the lifts were closed for the season. Tenderized lines were on tap to mitigate the firmness of the pack after a very cold night, and dust was being blown on the North facing aspects that made the prepared lines a bit more silky. Mark Malu was a treat with the soft dust that covered the prepared lines and a few laps there were fun and fast. Here is a shot I took yesterday from the top of The Baldy Chair during it’s last day of the season.

Fresh essence covering Timp. during the last trip to the top of the Baldy Chair. Still lots of snow in the back bowl.
Mineral Basin is still fully loaded and providing some fast and furious fun.

The front of the hill was offering some nice smooth lines that were vacant with the light traffic. The wind started to pick up and clouds began to move in, making the light go flat around 11:30AM as the approaching front began to move in for later tonight. Tomorrow, look for a dusting on the hill and a bit of Sun. I expect the temps to be cold, so dress for the occasion. The pack will be crispy, but look for the High North facing aspects to still be holding the dry chalk, however, the lower elevations will be firm. I will be looking for tenderizing efforts lower on the hill for the best traction. See you there for the Spring conditions and the light traffic. Stay Frosty.

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