4-17-21 by dave

Sunny powder was on tap today as that Low moved off leaving only some puffy clouds in it’s wake. Areas that were waiting in the wings were opened and the quality was holding up for the early risers. The Groomers were amazing as that old layer is gone and only total platform engagement was working on all slides of the hill. Here are a couple of shots that Mikey M sent along of the goods over on The Chamonix Chutes.

Mark Herath keeping it tight and making very nice turns in the fresh frosting.
Keith Bates carving the line with total platform engagement in effect. So spreadably smooth!!

Coverage is great with this new installment on the hill and the hill is in great shape for exploration. Tomorrow, look for amazing Groomers to still be on tap, but watch the off trail for sun affected areas. High North facing aspects will still be holding the cold, but check around for reference. There is another impulse predicted to move in out of the North around Noon, so expect some visibility issues to develop as the day goes on. IBBY

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