4-14-21 by dave

The rain was pelting the skin of The Trailer as I was surfacing this morning, signaling the arrival of a cut off low to The Front and snow up on the hill. The snow fall up on the hill was fast and hard, and adding up quickly. With some high moisture content, the new Essence cushioned the ride and became deep enough for righteous face shots. Here are a couple of shots that Mikey M sent of the deep lines.

Mikey M getting a face full out on the Cirque Sign Line.
Mark Herath getting untracked goodness one day after really firm Spring surfaces. What a difference a day makes.

It is dumping here at The Trailer as I write this, and I expect a fair addition to the delivery overnight as impulses are lined up to the West and are continually developing as they move East. Expect delays on the hill as mitigation is performed and brisk traffic for the new installment. Looks like we could see continued additions as the cut off Low keeps bringing the goods. More is better and getting closer to my prediction of an average snowfall for the season. Speed Safely!!

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