4-13-21 by dave

It was another bright ,sunny, cold morning today, with a stout wind blowing out of the South East. Great Grooming had been prepared in Mineral Basin, with Silver Dipper, and White Diamonds delivering sweet, granular consistency that let you dial in deep carves with each turn. With very light traffic, fast hot laps were on tap, making it a rippin’ shred fest. Here is a shot that Jake sent of the second Tram wait.

Light traffic for the Tram this morning, with walk on back to back Trams going off every 15 minutes.

The winds of change were blowing, and with it comes a storm that is predicted to be with us for several days and deliver fresh Essence to the hill. Here is a shot that Jake sent of Tower 3 with the first of the high clouds that would, later, fill in an make the light go flat.

The cold temps kept the pack from getting too soft, but the front of the hill had some really nice lines that had been tenderized shortly before opening, providing good traction and smooth granular surfaces. Traffic remained light and maximum vertical was easy to rack up. Tomorrow, look for overcast skies and, some precipitation as the storm moves in and intensifies. Go with the known smooth as the off trail is very rasty and difficult. Dress for cold and weather. Straight Ahead!!

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