4-28-21 by dave

A light dusting covered the dance floor for today’s festivities, with bright Sun, beautifully prepared groomers, and some fresh untracked lines on the far reaches that had escaped yesterday’s crew. The air was cold and a fair wind was blowing out of the North, keeping the product soft and cold for the first couple of hours before the Sun rose up high enough to work the pack. The untracked lines I got were absolutely perfect with no underlying rumble at all, making each turn a treat. Here is a shot of the Girls at the top of Baldy, which was holding the cold dry softness.

Tracy, Wynona, and Lynn at the top of the climb to Baldy, with The Summit in the background. These ladies can make good use of the perfect lines that wait for them.

The product from the past couple of days had been worked into the mat, making the prepared lines Winter perfect and easy. By 11 AM the lower elevations began to get a bit gummy, but the higher lines stayed soft and cold quite a bit longer. Tomorrow, look for lots of Grooming treats on all sides of the hill and stay ahead of the Sun for the best quality. The High North should still be holding the cold, but, with warmer temps, it will not stand up very long. Coverage remains excellent on all sides of the hill and you can trust the lines pretty much everywhere. IBBY!!!

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