4-27-21 by dave

The storm clouds were clearing off this morning, with the Valley full socked in, but great visibility to start the day. The Faithful were in full attendance early this morning in anticipation of the fresh Essence that waited up on the hill. A couple more inches had fallen, but not enough to fill in the tracks from yesterday.

Winter fresh and piling up, the Essence was prime for the morning session.
I was waiting in line with Tracy and Tracy this morning. We were assessing the options and excited about the day.

There was plenty of fresh lines all over the hill, with the traverses offering untracked goodness and light traffic as the crowd got spread out. Here is a great shot that Dave Hiestand sent from Rat’s Nest.

The Upper Cirque looking smooth, fat, and fresh for this late in April. Late April always brings it.

Tomorrow, look for some leftover lines on the outskirts, lighter traffic, and sunny skies as the storm has moved off to the East. The Groomers will be offering amazing carpets of AHHHH on all sides of the hill as the new product is tilled into the mat. Visibility will be full on and I expect full platform engagement underfoot. Stay out ahead of the Sun as it will be working the product early. Stay Frosty!!

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