4-26-21 by dave

A constant patter of rain on the skin of The Trailer signaled the arrival of the Spring Storm that has been on approach for some days. The medium moisture content made the new accumulation a good cushion on the old hard layer. The latest update reported 9″, however, the constant intensity down here in the Valley translates to much more accumulation up on the hill.

It is very quiet these days especially when you get there early to start the day and make first Tram.

Tomorrow, look for additional accumulation, continued precipitation as the Storm continues to bring the moisture. Pressure for the goods will be brisk, and patience will be a virtue as the day gets started. The off trail will be much improved as the new product will be cushioning the ride, but stick with the smoothest lines for the best consistency. Dress for Storm riding. See the Line, Be the Line!!

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