4-25-21 by dave

Warmer and windy conditions greeted The Faithful this morning as the Tram docked on the peak. With high dense clouds shrouding The Sun, the light was very flat and details were hard to discern. A light skiff of snow covered the pack, making the turns a bit softer and easy on the firm surfaces. The wind was really kicking up ahead of the storm that is headed our way, but the precipitation is holding off until tomorrow morning. Here is a shot looking into Mineral Basin at the Lewis and Clark area looking forlorn as the Baldy Chair is closed for the season.

Closed, but not forgotten. We had some amazing times out on this Lewis and Clark area this season. It is like a private resort.

Tomorrow, look for precipitation to be in the mix in the morning and filling in during the day. Look for the groomed lines to be offering the smooth consistency that is important in the variable visibility that will be on tap. Coverage is good wall to wall, however, the off trail is still rasty and frozen, making it quite difficult. I expect colder temps, so don’t expect much in the way of softening, though any new product will help cushion the turns. It is looking like a fairly meaty storm in the next couple of days. Stay Frosty!!

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