4-23-21 by dave

It was bright, sunny, and cold this morning for the opening bell. Mineral Basin was calling with White Diamonds offering smooth crystal corduroy, which had plenty of tooth to get good edge for solid turns. Lower Silver Dipper was prepared as well, making the smooth transition over the knoll to the lower face which was just beginning to break in the Sun. Fast laps there with no pressure for the goods was fun and fast. The Front of the hill was quite firm, but tenderizing efforts had been prepared on the main runs, with a sugar consistency that made the turns feel easy. The clouds built up and snow showers began falling around 11AM, with the light becoming flat. I took that eventuality to stop in at The Forklift to assess the options.

It was a pleasure to meet JB Liljenquist on the Plaza after the Sun came back out. He has a long storied career in the Ski industry and it was fun trading notes of the mutual folks we know.

Tomorrow, look for the wind to pick up as a storm is approaching out of AK, which will bring fresh Essence to the hill. I think there may be some Sun to start things out in the AM, but clouds may build in as the front approaches. Look for more groomed lines in Mineral Basin to start the day, and low traffic early as folks are waiting till later to show up. I’ll be taking the day off as usual, so dial in some rippin’ turns for me. IBBY!!

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