4-22-21 by dave

Cold temps. and bright Sun were on tap this morning, but the Sun was working it’s magic on the direct facing aspects. Silver Dipper was sporting a stellar preparation for the Morning Crew, which kept us lapping that big mountain smooth pitch lap after lap. White Diamonds was also amazing, with seamless passes that let you explore your inner Ligety. Traffic was light and hot laps were easy to rack up. The colder temps kept the pack just right a bit longer in the back before is started to break into the too soft zone. On the front of the hill, nice lines had been prepared, including lower Primrose Path, which was quite crisp, however, by 10AM it started to break. Mark Malu was also offering really nice quality for a long time for variations in line choice.

JP and Calo were enjoying the Sun on the Plaza Deck this morning waiting for the break. I have knows these folks for over 40 years and it is always a treat to see them for their annual visit.

Tomorrow, look for more nicely prepared lines on the hill and firm conditions to start things off. Some clouds are predicted to be present for the start of the day, so the break may be hampered without the direct rays. Still, the smooth lines have enough traction to keep things fast and fun. I expect the break to begin after 10AM and the quality to hold up a little longer before the pack gets too soft on the lower elevations. Look for the High North aspects to hold up with the dry chalk they have been holding these days of cold mornings. Lay it over like Ligety!!!

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