4-30-21 by dave

The temps were warm this morning and I was able to ski with the top down from the beginning. Mineral Basin had not frozen, and the Groomers were soft and felt like back country corn. Smooth, consistent lines offered full platform engagement, making each turn a delight. Light traffic for the first hour back there made for hot laps and some good Sun bathing. Here is a shot of an out of the way corn section.

Tracy, making some beautiful turns with back country perfect corn goodness under her feet.

On the front of the hill there was an interesting freeze pattern where some of the lines were soft in the morning Sun and other sections were quite firm. Tenderizing efforts had been performed and looking for those lines on the front of the hill was key in the early hours. The break came around 11AM, but was even later on the Gad Valley where the pack was holding tough quite a bit longer.

The equipment was parked as the unusual suspects conversed close by. Nice social distancing on the equipment’s part.

Tomorrow, look for similar conditions on the hill, again, with the Mineral Basin aspects breaking first. The front side of the hill will be solidifying with the residual cold in the North facing aspects. Focus on the back bowl till some softening occurs on the front. Coverage remains excellent wall to wall, and take advantage of the big mountain smooth the Groomers provide. Speed Safely!!

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