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It was a Sunny Sunday and The Faithful got a very early start, with tailgate breakfasts well underway up and down the parking lot. The air was clear and the mountain was poised to provide another day of uber deep Powder. Personally, I decided to take a Powder Check and wait for another day and avoid the push. Here is a shot of Gage#KUHL over on Superior demonstrating the super steep and super deep.

You have to get up mighty early in the morning to bag this pitch. No worries for Gage, bringing the power to the fall line and turns to dream about.

I think it is safe to say that the conditions are Utah Prime all around the hill. It is a clean slate and the options have opened and the game is on. I will be back on the hill in the AM. Tomorrow, look for great conditions wall to wall, with just about any aspect you choose good to go. I will be looking around to get a fresh look at the hill after all this snow. See you there for the continued Powder Dance. Speed Safely!!



The Cycle finally delivered a heapin’ healpin’ of Essence that was sooo deep that all the vids I saw from today were the real deal. It seems that the old layer was forgotten for the time being. The Faithful were in full force for today’s offerings and were ready for the opening bell. This is what we all have been waiting for and those deep face shot visualizations I have been doing materialized just as I had imagined. Here are a couple of shots Mikey M sent of Lone Pine delivering the goods.

Flyin’ Brian Beck getting full platform engagement and winding up the juice to redirect the motion back into the line.
Brian releasing the juice and getting a full facial as he hits RE ENTER!!

News from Mineral Basin spoke of chest deep accumulation and an epic day back there. The pack is really shaping up in a hurry. Tomorrow, look for improving weather with good visibility, more soft snow to find around the hill, and fair pressure for the residual offerings. The Groomers will be offering amazing dial o matic carpets where you can experience your own inner Ligety. I don’t think you’ll be feeling those old slick spots at all. It should be a bit warmer, which will be a welcome feature. Dial it up, Dial it IN!!



While there was no new snow for the morning session, the real snow came after Noon, when a serious accumulation moved in later in the day. Mineral Basin opened after mitigation efforts were completed, and the wind had really worked the pack into a very difficult quality, which sent me packing for the smooth groomed lines. Even the kids, with the really wide skis, were having trouble and the snowboards as well, though they had a much easier time dialing in a surfy style that let them charge the fall line. The Road To Provo opened as well and, as well, was very difficult . Here is a couple of shots on the Peak after getting off first Tram.

Whiskey was stoked and ready to get the party started while we waited for the Mineral Basin Gate to open. We made laps and were there for the opening.
The Morning Crew deciding weather to wait on the Peak or do some laps to burn time. We chose laps, but the wind was howling.

I left after breakfast, I bailed to start my day off tomorrow early, but the storm clouds moved in and the impulse let loose. Here is a shot of Mikey M getting some more realistic turns in out on the Bookends.

Mikey M knows where to go and when to be there. Always after the best of the day.

Tomorrow, look for a storm day, with some over night accumulation to get things started. I expect a fair push from the Faithful, so be there early to get out ahead of the crowd. The conditions are poised to really open up the quality wall to wall with significant accumulation. Rock the walls for me. Syrup Won’t Stop ‘EM!!



High Density accumulation graced the hill this morning, which was the ticket for building a base and getting the hill in prime time shape. There was a big push for the goods. When the lifts began to open, The Faithful were offered 8″ of frosting which felt great underfoot, but was still far from cushioning the underlying substrate. Here is a couple of shots Mikey M sent from his persistent search for the goods.

Here is a shot of Doc getting the goods close to the base on Mach Schnell. Like frosting a cake with a paper knife.
Mikey M dialing in the smooth quotient in fine detail. You could do no wrong.
Flyin’ Brian Beck testifying to the extreme quality of the product. He knows how to spread the frosting.

The hill opened up more terrain around 11AM. with the Middle Cirque Traverse, which pulled the seekers to get going on the job at hand. Tomorrow, look for more snow in the forecast, cold temps. and continued fun to be had. The basic rumble is still a feature, but is being helped by the addition of the higher density product. Look for more openings if mitigation allows.

Peter Fallon rough and ready as the Peruvian Chair came on line.

We had a great meeting of the Morning Crew at the Forklift as we waited for things to get rolling. There were lots of stories from the past, with Peter Fallon being one of the original members of Team Sizzle back in ’76. Chef Colleen came out and visited with the Crew and got a personal order for the Chairman of the Board.

The Chairman of the Board’s Executive morning treat. Chef Collen delivered beyond expectations.

I keep finding more features of the publishing page, hence the bold font on Pete’s photo, but he deserves big shout out. We miss him when he is not here. See you there for whatever the morning brings. Ready or not, here it comes!!



I got to the hill this morning with overcast skies and no one around. I found out right away that The Tram was down, so I decided to take an extra day to heal my back, which is coming along with the massage machines and Asprin. It looked very dark and cold as I looked up the hill, but I am guessing the Groomers were good to go on all sides of the hill. The Morning corduroy has been exceptional every day, and it is a treat to get the first tracks on the fresh nap.

The reach of The Bird extends around the world and calls all seekers to this power point. I spent many days skiing Wachusett.

Tomorrow, look for some light accumulation and continued cold temps. The Groomers will be offering amazing lines of perfect smooth for the opening bell, and that is well worth the effort to get there for the opening bell. Off trail still has widespread interference patterns and lots of rumble. I had hoped to do some recon work today, but will have to wait till tomorrow’s festivities. More snow showers are expected all day, so dress for cold and weather. See you there for the morning explorations. Straight Ahead!!!



There was variable visibility on the hill today, with clouds and windows of Sun to illuminate the dance floor. The pack was still fairly soft, however the off trail was still lumpy bumpy. I kind of tweeked my back checking it out yesterday. It is feeling a lot better tonight, but it may take a few days to mellow out. Here is a shot of Mark Herath out on The Keyhole finding the goods all to himself.

There were pockets of goodness to find if you went looking for it. Nice to see shots like this a couple days after a storm.
Mikey M taking advantage of a Sun window out on The Keyhole, and getting it all. Powder Blast!!

The Groomers were offering the best consistency overall, but they did get a bit scraped off as the day wore on. Tomorrow, look for another cold day with iffy visibility, with some snow showers throughout the day. I will be looking for the smooth lines first thing, but will be looking around the hill to see how things are shaking out in the far reaches. From the shots Mikey M sent, it’s looking really good. Don’t forget to SIZZLE!!



After all the stormage we had for the past couple of days. there was some light clearing, so you could see much of the hill from time to time. There were still some out lying powder pockets to be found as evidenced by this great shot of Flyin’ Brian Beck getting the real deal long after the storm.

Full platform engagement in the turn lets you dial in extra high edge angles. Brian gets way more angles than the average bear.

The Groomers were really nice, but still are quite firm, with some glassy spots that show up as the pack gets worked. Mineral Basin was offering some nice lines and getting there early let you get the best before the pressure comes on. Off trail, the harbor chop had really worked up a froth, making hard charging through the rumble difficult. There is a long shot down canyon showing the Valley freshly flocked with freshness as well.

Cold temps, clear air and fresh snow makes for a great view of the Valley.

Tomorrow, look for some light snow flurries during the day, cold temps still in play, and great Grooming to be on tap for the morning session. Still, there may be some powder pockets if you go looking along the edges. See you there for the morning search and seek program. Straight Ahead.



A bit more accumulation graced the dance floor this morning, and with the opening of new areas, a second helping of deep goodness was on tap for the day. Visibility was at a premium, but there were open pockets of marginal clearing of the fog to make the visibility better. Here is a shot that Mikey M sent of his run out on The Sunday Cliffs.

Now this is Utah Style Powder in it’s natural state. Mikey M dialing in the real deep turns. Perfect.

Needless to say, the conditions have improved and are now really excellent. Tomorrow, look for still smooth lines to be found and some pockets of freshness if you look around. The Groomers will be offering perfect carpets of AHHHHHH for the morning session. I will be on the hill again tomorrow, after taking a couple of days off to recoup. I’ll have a first hand look around and we’ll see what’s what. The goods are here and it looks like there is more in the cycle. Yay for POWDER!!



After a rather long wait, the hill was blessed with a fresh delivery of Essence, which drew The Faithful in high numbers for the festivities. The new snow was lighter in the higher elevations, but got a bit more dense lower down on the hill.

Whiskey, expressing the full on joy of the day.

Needless to say, conditions have improved overnight and it looks like more accumulation is on the way. Tomorrow, look for more high pressure for the goods, more areas to open as mitigation efforts are completed, and amazing snow to get your full platform engagement feel going. That will be a very nice feature after all the slipping and sliding that has been going on of late. See you there dark and early for the continued powder frenzy!! Syrup Won’t Stop ‘EM!!



The hill was covered with a delightful inch of Essence for the opening bell with light snow fall, difficult visibility, and fairly mild temps considering the change in the weather. The Morning Crew went directly to the Abyss of Mineral Basin, where reports of better visibility and wonderful prepared lines kept them lapping that back section. I chose The Peruvian Gulch to take advantage of the trees for reference and the wide open lines that were insanely smooth with the new accumulation. Traffic was fairly light on the chairs and offered fast turnarounds and maximum vertical. Here is another one of those amazing shots that Jake took earlier in the week.

Wild signs in the sky signaling a distinct change it the weather. It is here NOW!

I left a bit early to get out ahead of the snow and start my day off tomorrow early. Tomorrow, expect it to be full on Storm Mode. Expect high pressure for the goods, so get there early for the occcasion. Expect some delays for starters as the Mitigation efforts are being worked. The hill is in great shape for the new snow, but keep in mind those thin spots and reefs that were showing up with the wind we had this past week. It is here. Let’s get this party Started!!!