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A bit more accumulation graced the dance floor this morning, and with the opening of new areas, a second helping of deep goodness was on tap for the day. Visibility was at a premium, but there were open pockets of marginal clearing of the fog to make the visibility better. Here is a shot that Mikey M sent of his run out on The Sunday Cliffs.

Now this is Utah Style Powder in it’s natural state. Mikey M dialing in the real deep turns. Perfect.

Needless to say, the conditions have improved and are now really excellent. Tomorrow, look for still smooth lines to be found and some pockets of freshness if you look around. The Groomers will be offering perfect carpets of AHHHHHH for the morning session. I will be on the hill again tomorrow, after taking a couple of days off to recoup. I’ll have a first hand look around and we’ll see what’s what. The goods are here and it looks like there is more in the cycle. Yay for POWDER!!



After a rather long wait, the hill was blessed with a fresh delivery of Essence, which drew The Faithful in high numbers for the festivities. The new snow was lighter in the higher elevations, but got a bit more dense lower down on the hill.

Whiskey, expressing the full on joy of the day.

Needless to say, conditions have improved overnight and it looks like more accumulation is on the way. Tomorrow, look for more high pressure for the goods, more areas to open as mitigation efforts are completed, and amazing snow to get your full platform engagement feel going. That will be a very nice feature after all the slipping and sliding that has been going on of late. See you there dark and early for the continued powder frenzy!! Syrup Won’t Stop ‘EM!!



The hill was covered with a delightful inch of Essence for the opening bell with light snow fall, difficult visibility, and fairly mild temps considering the change in the weather. The Morning Crew went directly to the Abyss of Mineral Basin, where reports of better visibility and wonderful prepared lines kept them lapping that back section. I chose The Peruvian Gulch to take advantage of the trees for reference and the wide open lines that were insanely smooth with the new accumulation. Traffic was fairly light on the chairs and offered fast turnarounds and maximum vertical. Here is another one of those amazing shots that Jake took earlier in the week.

Wild signs in the sky signaling a distinct change it the weather. It is here NOW!

I left a bit early to get out ahead of the snow and start my day off tomorrow early. Tomorrow, expect it to be full on Storm Mode. Expect high pressure for the goods, so get there early for the occcasion. Expect some delays for starters as the Mitigation efforts are being worked. The hill is in great shape for the new snow, but keep in mind those thin spots and reefs that were showing up with the wind we had this past week. It is here. Let’s get this party Started!!!



The day offered variable periods of Sun all day long. Mineral Basin offered the full Sun treatment to start out, and the Groomers and some of the North facing aspects, which had been smooth by the wind, were fun and fast with light traffic for the early risers. The Front of the hill was offering a fresh till, where you could hear the Whirring and Zzizzing as you crossed the nap of the carpet. Clouds moved in after 10AM, making the light go flat, but the long range visibility was quite good. After Noon, the clouds thinned out and the Sun burned through, making the light great all over the hill. Here is a shot looking South toward Provo Peak.

A long shot of the Sunshine in the distance framed by the morning clouds.

All prepared lines remained smooth all day long, though they did get a bit scrapped off as the day wore on. Tomorrow, look for a storm to begin moving in for the next couple of days. This system seems to be promising some significant accumulation. Be advised that the visibility could be difficult, so stay with the trees for best reference. The Groomers will be offering the smooth goods on all sides of the hill that will let you deal with the variations. See you there for the start of something big. We deserve it. Speed Safely!!



This morning was much warmer than yesterday and the wind had backed off significantly. The pack was firm on all sides of the hill, but Mineral basin was offering fresh machine worked lines that were in the Sun and ready for go time. Traffic was fairly light and maximum vertical was easy to pile up. There were a few far out lines on the hill that were still holding the soft and smooth. I stayed with the known smooth areas so that I would not have to battle the variable off trail.

The Speed Queens were ready to get after it at the top of a Lewis and Clark lap. They must put something in the coffee to make them go so fast. Just try to keep up!!

The pack began to get scraped off as the day progressed, making for some very greasy spots that made me keep my turns in the gray zone to be ready for surprise tiles in the pack. Tomorrow, look for another warmer day, with the Groomers offering the smooth lines from the opening bell. I don’t expect to see much in the way of wind smoothing, but take a look and see what happened overnight, you never know. Conditions will remain very firm, but the machine worked lines have good traction and are consistent and trust worthy. Remain Standing!!



That fast moving impulse left a few inches of ultra light Essence which was wind whipped by some very high winds up on the ridge lines. With the Sun coming up and the high winds driving the snow into the air, it created some amazing ridge line images. Here is a shot of the spine to The Twins illuminated and backlit.

This is a great shot that shows the intensity of the wind blast. I was going to take this same shot from the Peruvian Chair, but it was so cold I didn’t want to take my gloves off.

The Fresh Essence added some nice powder options that were hiding out in some the more difficult areas to access. Here is a shot of Mikey M getting the best of the accumulation.

When Baldy opens, you go for the goods and get the goods.
Brian Beck dialing in the arc of the driver out on that big Baldy line.

The pack was getting skied off as the day progressed, but the wind was re working the pack as the transported snow moved into the low areas. The continued cold temps kept the new snow soft and easy to move through, but those slick spots need to be expected. Tomorrow, look for another Sunny day with great visibility, amazing Groomers ready and perfect, and fairly low traffic. The wind may continue to transport some of the product around, so look for fresh wind lines for the morning session.

A treat to spend time in The Summit and take in the vista and anticipate the descent.

I so enjoy spending time in The Summit on Hidden Peak. It is a very tranquil time that really lets you center into the energy of the hill. Stay Frosty!!



When I put my skis in line this morning at 7:30AM, it looked like the day was going to be sunny and looked promising. By Go Time the curtain of clouds had moved up the Canyon and fell over the hill, reducing the visibility significantly. I decided to check out Mineral Basin, which offered some illumination from the Sun that was trying to hold off the cloud. Here is a shot of that little bit of light.

The last bit of Sun on Mineral Basin to start out the day. The clouds lowered and snow was in for the day.

The Groomers were offering the best lines, but some of the wind swept lines were still holding up the smooth from yesterday and seemed even a bit more dry and chalky. The Front of the hill was offering great prepared lines, which were beautifully smooth, which helped a lot with the reduced visibility. Tomorrow, look for some additional accumulation on the hill as it is snowing briskly here at The Trailer as I write this. Social Media shots of the Canyon indicate some slick accumulation during the day and a very slow ride down the hill. Look for the smooth lines to still be offering the best ride while the off trail may still be a tad testy. I expect much cooler temps for tomorrow, but clearing is in the forecast. See you there for the early turns. IBBY!!



The clouds in the sky were wild this morning as they seemed to morph as they moved over the Mountain Peaks. We all stood and watched the formations change rapidly as they moved overhead, changing colors and shapes each moment. Here is a great shot Jake took from the Tram.

The Cosmic Clouds moving and changing right before our eyes. Not the colors in the left hand side of the formation.

That accumulation of grauple yesterday made for some excellent wind transported lines that were sensational, with sugary, smooth sections of perfection. Here is a shot off from a Lewis and Clark lap first thing.

Perfect wind smoothed lines made for a magic morning with friends and sunshine.

The Groomers on all sides of the hill had been given a good fresh till, which offered plenty of traction and smooth turns for the morning session. The pack got a bit skied off later in the day. Off trail had improved markedly, with with wind transported sections cushioning the ride where crusty consistency was in effect yesterday. Here is a shot of one of the wind scoured areas from where all that loose snow was taken.

Wind scoured pack that was very difficult to negotiate. It was best staying with the smooth buff.

Tomorrow, look for more great Groomed lines on all sides of the hill, some overcast skies with periods of Sun, and fair traffic for the holiday. Some of those wind smoothed lines may still be offering the goods, so take a look around.

The Cosmic Clouds changed with each second, and were moving very fast.

See you there for the morning festivities, and enjoy the smooth lines that will be waiting. Lay it over like Ligety!!!



There was an overnight dusting of dense grauple, which gave the hill a bit of extra traction for today’s festivities. The clouds cleared off early enough to make the visibility good and, with a bit of Sun, a bright shiny day. Here is a shot of Flyin’ Brian Beck out in Wilbre Bowl making it look easy. The crusty surface was still in play, and going for the smooth lines was providing the best ride. Lewis and Clark had some sweet lines that were ready for go time with those big smooth prepared lines.

This coating was only 2 to 3″, but any amount of freshness is explosive.

Tomorrow, look for another Sunny day with great Grooming on all sides of the hill. Look for the smooth left over wind smoothed lines, which can still be found. The new material will make the machine worked lines just a big softer. I’ll be looking for the Mineral Basin lines for the start of the day.

My good friend Jack, all rigged and ready for the festivities.

See you there dark and early for the morning session. Remain Standing!!!



The morning was clear and cold and the winds had subsided, leaving wind buffed lines on some of the South East aspects that were bridged by scoured crust. The wind lines were dry, chalky, firm, and dialable. It looked like it could be breakable, but I used my light touch technique to stay on top and extract as much goodness from each turn as I could get. Wind slab is one of my favorite surfaces. Here is a shot of the wind line on the Chamonix Chute. It is kind of hard to make out, but it was top to bottom smooth and looked great.

Areas of wind smoothed slab that were fun to hunt down and tie the lines together.

Traffic was fairly light, and vertical was easy to get. The Groomers were really fun, with a fresh till on all sides of the hill, which was a real treat. I went looking for wind slab lines, but they were hard to discern in the flat light the front side, but there was little there to be found. Tomorrow, look for increased overcast with some light precip. for the morning session. Stick with the smooth lines, as the wind really worked the surface pack, making it very stiff and variable. Entrances remain very sketchy, interference patterns are wide spread. Look for continued excellent Groomed lines on all sides of the hill. The morning corduroy is well worth getting there for the open bell. Dial it up, Dial it In!!