1-22-21 by dave

The hill was covered with a delightful inch of Essence for the opening bell with light snow fall, difficult visibility, and fairly mild temps considering the change in the weather. The Morning Crew went directly to the Abyss of Mineral Basin, where reports of better visibility and wonderful prepared lines kept them lapping that back section. I chose The Peruvian Gulch to take advantage of the trees for reference and the wide open lines that were insanely smooth with the new accumulation. Traffic was fairly light on the chairs and offered fast turnarounds and maximum vertical. Here is another one of those amazing shots that Jake took earlier in the week.

Wild signs in the sky signaling a distinct change it the weather. It is here NOW!

I left a bit early to get out ahead of the snow and start my day off tomorrow early. Tomorrow, expect it to be full on Storm Mode. Expect high pressure for the goods, so get there early for the occcasion. Expect some delays for starters as the Mitigation efforts are being worked. The hill is in great shape for the new snow, but keep in mind those thin spots and reefs that were showing up with the wind we had this past week. It is here. Let’s get this party Started!!!

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