1-31-21 by dave

It was a Sunny Sunday and The Faithful got a very early start, with tailgate breakfasts well underway up and down the parking lot. The air was clear and the mountain was poised to provide another day of uber deep Powder. Personally, I decided to take a Powder Check and wait for another day and avoid the push. Here is a shot of Gage#KUHL over on Superior demonstrating the super steep and super deep.

You have to get up mighty early in the morning to bag this pitch. No worries for Gage, bringing the power to the fall line and turns to dream about.

I think it is safe to say that the conditions are Utah Prime all around the hill. It is a clean slate and the options have opened and the game is on. I will be back on the hill in the AM. Tomorrow, look for great conditions wall to wall, with just about any aspect you choose good to go. I will be looking around to get a fresh look at the hill after all this snow. See you there for the continued Powder Dance. Speed Safely!!

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