1-29-21 by dave

While there was no new snow for the morning session, the real snow came after Noon, when a serious accumulation moved in later in the day. Mineral Basin opened after mitigation efforts were completed, and the wind had really worked the pack into a very difficult quality, which sent me packing for the smooth groomed lines. Even the kids, with the really wide skis, were having trouble and the snowboards as well, though they had a much easier time dialing in a surfy style that let them charge the fall line. The Road To Provo opened as well and, as well, was very difficult . Here is a couple of shots on the Peak after getting off first Tram.

Whiskey was stoked and ready to get the party started while we waited for the Mineral Basin Gate to open. We made laps and were there for the opening.
The Morning Crew deciding weather to wait on the Peak or do some laps to burn time. We chose laps, but the wind was howling.

I left after breakfast, I bailed to start my day off tomorrow early, but the storm clouds moved in and the impulse let loose. Here is a shot of Mikey M getting some more realistic turns in out on the Bookends.

Mikey M knows where to go and when to be there. Always after the best of the day.

Tomorrow, look for a storm day, with some over night accumulation to get things started. I expect a fair push from the Faithful, so be there early to get out ahead of the crowd. The conditions are poised to really open up the quality wall to wall with significant accumulation. Rock the walls for me. Syrup Won’t Stop ‘EM!!

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