1-28-21 by dave

High Density accumulation graced the hill this morning, which was the ticket for building a base and getting the hill in prime time shape. There was a big push for the goods. When the lifts began to open, The Faithful were offered 8″ of frosting which felt great underfoot, but was still far from cushioning the underlying substrate. Here is a couple of shots Mikey M sent from his persistent search for the goods.

Here is a shot of Doc getting the goods close to the base on Mach Schnell. Like frosting a cake with a paper knife.
Mikey M dialing in the smooth quotient in fine detail. You could do no wrong.
Flyin’ Brian Beck testifying to the extreme quality of the product. He knows how to spread the frosting.

The hill opened up more terrain around 11AM. with the Middle Cirque Traverse, which pulled the seekers to get going on the job at hand. Tomorrow, look for more snow in the forecast, cold temps. and continued fun to be had. The basic rumble is still a feature, but is being helped by the addition of the higher density product. Look for more openings if mitigation allows.

Peter Fallon rough and ready as the Peruvian Chair came on line.

We had a great meeting of the Morning Crew at the Forklift as we waited for things to get rolling. There were lots of stories from the past, with Peter Fallon being one of the original members of Team Sizzle back in ’76. Chef Colleen came out and visited with the Crew and got a personal order for the Chairman of the Board.

The Chairman of the Board’s Executive morning treat. Chef Collen delivered beyond expectations.

I keep finding more features of the publishing page, hence the bold font on Pete’s photo, but he deserves big shout out. We miss him when he is not here. See you there for whatever the morning brings. Ready or not, here it comes!!

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